Key mid-season roster transfers ahead of the LEC Summer Split

Now that the Mid-Season Invitational is over, LEC teams are looking to upgrade or downgrade their rosters in the mid-season just before the start of the Summer Ssplit. Let’s take a look at the most important transfers in the LEC and how they will impact the team’s performance.


Oskar Boderek

LEC Mid-Season Rumors and Confirmed Transfers

Several player transfers have already been officially confirmed and plenty more are coming by the end of this week. The big three (G2, MAD Lions, Rogue) have not announced any roster swaps in the mid-season period. The same can also be noted for Astralis and SK-Gaming who are both confident into keeping what they started with in February.

Here are the key players transitioning to different organizations.

Kirei and NUCLEARINT join Schakle 04, Abbedagge leaves for 100T

Schalke promoted their Academy’s mid laner Ilias “NUCLEARINT” Bizriken to the main roster. Additionally, Thomas “Kirei” Yuen will replace fan-favorite Erberk “Gilius” Demyir. The team claimed that “Gillius didn’t work really well with the team during spring split”, thus the decision to bench him.

The changes comes with roumors swirling about S04 likely leaving the LEC soon due to the poor performance of the associated Football team, which got relegated to the 2nd German League. The lack of financial support is crystal clear and the organization is desperately trying to cash in on its players.

The assumption is also reinforced with Schalke04 mid laner Felix “Abbedagge” Braun joining 100Thieves in the LCS for the Summer Split. After rumours about him joining Fnatic, the German player left EU to increase his chances of going to Worlds through NA. All of this was possible also because 100T’s top laner Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho just become a resident. This means the import slot he left open was just the thing the team needed to get Abbedagge.

Now, S04 is hoping to see Kirei “pop off” and potentially sell off the player at the end of the split to the highest offer. We expect Kirei to be the core of the team and at least carry the team to playoffs. Just like Kirei, Nuclearint also has high potential: if they can meet expectations, hitting a top 6 will not be that hard for Schalke.

Fnatic signs Adam from Karmine Corp, confirms Bwipo Jungle

The Bwipo jungle meme factory can finally close as Adam Maanane confirmed he would be Fnatic’s new starting top laner in Summer. This also means Bwipo is finally confirmed in his transition for the Jungle role. Initial rumors are  that Fnatic wanted to sign a backup jungler as well as they trade off Selfmade, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Roleswapping is nothing new in League, but a high profile team doing it mid-season does raise some eyebrows. We are yet to see how Bwipo performs in his new role, but judging from his aggression and duel first mentality, he might be the key to success.

XL Nukeduck and XL Denyk confirmed

Erlend “nukeduck” Våtevik Holm and Petr “Denyk” Haramach are going to start for XL in Summer.

Nukeduck, the core Astralis player took a hiatus from competitive following the backlash and poor performances during the spring split. He is now looking to redeem himself and show that he’s still a worthy player. He will be assisted by his former teammate Patrik and newly acquired Denyk, who form the first-ever Czech botlane duo in the LEC.

The pressure will be high not only for Nukeduck, but everyone on the team this split. The organization can’t seem to break the curse of not hitting playoffs. Will this finally be it?

Considering the situation, things will be very rough… especially if the Vitality roster ends up being confirmed.

Team Vitality rumored roster featuring Selfmade, LIDER, SLT, toucouille

Now that we mentioned Vitality, it looks like the organization is taking things very seriously about the summer split. There are many ongoing rumors about the potential players that will join Vitality including: Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek, Adam “LIDER” Ilyasov, Enzo “SLT” Gonzalez and Loïc “toucouille” Dubois.

Out of the four, Selfmade is without a doubt the most important one: the Fnatic player is one of the best talent EU has produced and is sought by many organizations. The other three players are some of the best upcoming talents from the European Regional Leagues. Their potential cannot be disregarded: the amateur leagues improved a lot over the years and some organizations can definitely battle it out with LEC teams.

Apart from SLT, who will likely have the spot confirmed, the mid laner spot is highly contested: it will be up to the organization to decide which player best suits the role. Nonetheless, Vitality is putting the foot on the pedal and will surely be a playoff contender if the rumours will be true.