Dr DisRespect Launches Midnight Society NFT-Driven Ecosystem

Several months ago, Dr Disrespect announced the formation of an all-new development studio, Midnight Society. As a co-founder, Dr Disrespect was joined by industry experts and veterans that boasted decades of experience among them. However, up until now, we’ve had very little idea of the operations within Midnight Society. It was revealed just hours ago that a Midnight Society NFT project would be launching, forming the core of the company’s operations going forward.

As the news breaks, several topics are unfolding, and opinions and feedback are being shared excitedly over various social media platforms. In one camp, the hardcore Dr Disrespect fans are backing the Midnight Society NFT project wholeheartedly, but in another, many gamers are voicing their concerns regarding the news. As the ‘Founders Pass’ NFT project is uncovered approaching ‘#DAYZERO’, many more critics will take to the airwaves.

So, what is the Midnight Society NFT project, and how can you get involved?

Midnight Society NFTs: #DAYZERO

On March 15th at 13:00 EST, the first live event detailing Midnight Society’s future will take place, hosted on Dr Disrespect’s own YouTube channel:

However, plenty of details regarding the Midnight Society NFT project have been revealed ahead of the grand event. For months, fans have wondered exactly what kind of game will be produced by Midnight Society, backed by the Two Time himself, and now, we have a better picture than ever before. Although, if you’re not on board with the concept of NFTs and crypto gaming, you’ll likely be immediately unsure about the project ahead.

Midnight Society has touted the launch of an NFT-driven ecosystem – a platform that transcends being just a video game. This ecosystem begins with the release of 10,000 unique ‘Founders Pass NFTs’, available on a first-come-first-served basis to early adopters of the Midnight Society ecosystem. On the Midnight Society website, several points are highlighted regarding the NFT project:

  • Founders Passes will enable users to engage with Dr Disrespect’s platform as early as possible
  • Initially, the opening batch of NFTs will be valued at $50 USD (inc. gas fees)
  • NFTs give users a one-of-a-kind loadout, including armour, weapons, and backgrounds.

There are several benefits outlined, designed to entice users into the adoption of the Founders Pass. This includes the likes of early access to game builds, voting rights on game features, exclusive access to events, and early access to merchandise and future drops.

Will The Midnight Society NFT Project Succeed?

Currently, it seems that the adoption of the NFT side of things is optional, and won’t be required to gain access to Midnight Society’s first game. However, owning a Founders Pass NFT will give a user various benefits that could prove to be lucrative somewhere down the line. Admittedly, the project will mostly be backed by diehard Dr Disrespect fans, as there’s no real utility for the NFTs outside of the Midnight Society ecosystem.

It has already been explained that once purchased, a Founders Pass can be openly traded – so the value of them may climb after launch. Of course, this will only happen if these DAYZERO NFTs become coveted and above all else, exclusive.


Image Credit: Midnight Society

Before the official #DAYZERO reveal, users can sign up on the Midnight Society website and gain early access to the project. There’s the option to claim a ‘DAYZERO Claw Unit Patch’, another (non-unique) NFT that serves as a symbol of your allegiance to Midnight Society. At the time of writing this article, ‘applicants’ to the Founders Pass NFT project will need to answer a series of questions, link several accounts, and acquire as much ‘XP’ as possible to boost their application.

Let’s wait and see what unfolds as a result of the Midnight Society NFT project.