5G Set to Boost Mobile Gaming

The global move from 4G to 5G networks will deliver faster download speeds and lower latency times than ever before vastly improving mobile game play experience.

S&P Global Market Intelligence writes that this will deliver an evolution for mobile gaming into a “more connected and service-based industry.” Adding that:

“New cloud gaming services, such as Google LLC’s Stadia and Microsoft Corp.’s xCloud, and subscription services, such as Apple Inc.’s Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, have helped transform mobile phones into legitimate gaming platforms in 2019.”

5G to boost mobile gaming


Faster downloads mean that games and updates are delivered more quickly, but it also means that fast in-game data delivery combined with lower latency will make gameplay much more accurate. TechRadar wrote earlier this year:

“5G will mean incredibly low latency gaming, which will be handy when multi-player blasting, especially as mobile gaming tournaments and esports continue to scale new heights of popularity.”

For mobile esports competitors this more accurate gameplay is vital when battling other players. Though gaming PCs and consoles are globally still the first choice for most amateur esports players, a better mobile gaming experience could see more players sticking with their smaller devices.

Asia in particular is mobile-first market, mobile gaming is far more prevalent and mobile esports participation is much higher than in other regions. Mobile gaming is growing in popularity in Asia, already predicted to further grow with the advent of 5G.

5G means that games run on remote servers can be streamed to mobile devices, opening up the market for subscription gaming services on mobile such as Nvidia’s Geforce Now, Sony’s PS Now, and of course Google Stadia.

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TechRadar says mobile gaming hardware is being developed in line with the promise of 5G, writing:

“We’ve already seen the likes of the Asus ROG Phone, Black Shark 2 and Razer Phone 2 refine hardware to suit gamers’ needs, with features like front-firing stereo speakers, left and right triggers and pressure sensitive displays.”

The publication adds that 5G could even “create a new breed of handheld gaming consoles – 5G shells that receive console grade games on a monthly subscription basis.

New games with outstanding new features are either being developed for 5G mobile gaming or will now be played on mobile.

5G network provider Verizon Communications partnered with the NFL to sponsor a contest for US game developers, as per S&P Global. The developers had to submit their proposals for a new NFL game that would take advantage of 5G. The contest was run by game development event organizers Playcrafting. CEO Dan Butchko revealed, “the main requirement was that the games the developers pitched would only be possible with 5G.

5G brings benefits to mobile gaming

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Two New York-based developers won, Colorfiction and Juncture Media. Both were awarded $400,000 to turn their ideas into games that will debut during the 2020 Super Bowl.

The NFL’s involvement in such a project is also notable as it is potentially losing its viewership to gaming generations who are choosing esports over conventional sports. Offering cutting-edge new mobile games is one-way for the NFL to drive interest back to traditional football.

The US Navy this month revealed it would be dropping television adverts usually delivered during the Super Bowl, instead choosing to begin esports advertising in 2020.

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