Best Mobile Japanese Games – Unique Picks With Exciting Stories

If you’re into Japanese culture and love mobile games, here are the best mobile Japanese games to try on your phone. These games include thrilling stories, amazing art and soundtracks, and Japanese themes to make sure you’re having fun. From beautiful aesthetics to their animations and manga, Japanese media is one of the best things to entertain you.

Best Mobile Japanese Games

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The Best Mobile Japanese Games

  • Downwell

Downwell - Japanese Mobile Games


Do you like shooting stuff? Then Downwell is the best fit for you. Downwell is a brilliant classic Japanese shoot-em-up that boasts refreshing rogue-like gameplay. Even more, its aesthetics mirror those of the old Japanese games you find in your local arcade, and it offers a thrilling soundtrack for all players everywhere.

If you’re missing that arcade vibe or just want to play something with a bit more grit, Downwell is one of the best Japanese games for you.

  • Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX - Best mobile japanese games


Are you one of the numerous Final Fantasy fans who want to be able to carry that amazing world in your pocket? Then this game will fit perfectly for you.

Final Fantasy IX offers a beautiful world with graphics, unlike any mobile game. You might even call it one of the best graphic mobile games due to its beautiful console-like look. Everything like the heavenly soundtrack, stunning vistas, and charming NPCs are also included.

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, you’ll love this game.

  • Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest VIII - 3D Japanese Game


You can’t make a Japanese RPGs list without Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest is a huge franchise, spanning a decade of stories and games. For Dragon Quest VIII, you get to experience a fleshed-out Dragon Quest game on your mobile phone, and all the fantastic soundtracks and exciting gameplay mechanics are available. Even more, Dragon Quest VII also includes a strong story and cast of characters. Players can journey around the world, using different vehicles and picking up monsters to fight for them.

Dragon Quest VIII is a must-have for every JRPG out there and is similar to some of the best anime mobile games.

  • Space Invaders Infinity Gene

Space Invaders Infinity Gene - Best Arcade Mobile

@TAITO Corporation

Craving that Retro look? Then look no further. Space Invaders Infinity Gene offers the arcade classic Space Invaders, revamped and rebuilt to cater to your modern tastes.

The game includes the original soundtrack, sound effects, and a simple black-and-white pixel arcade aesthetic. With its new look, it might even be one of the best mobile Japanese games ever, with its unforgettable yet simple gameplay.

  • Part-time UFO

Part-time UFO

@HAL Laboratory

Part-Time UFO is unique on this list. Not because of its art style but simply because the game looks and runs like it’s supposed to be on the Nintendo console. With a nice, simplistic art style, satisfying gameplay, and overall ambience, Part-Time UFO offers a lot for people who love Japanese games. You can tell from the art down to even the cute UFO you control.

If you are looking for the best casual mobile games to try, this one is right up your alley.

  • Castlevania: SotN

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Ever heard of Vampires? Well, put on your garlic-scented robes and hold your stakes tight as you play this thrilling game that has spawned a genre of video games. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night includes an amazing story, beautiful art, and a tight, upbeat soundtrack. If you like side-scrollers or Metroidvania-style games, then you are going to love Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

However, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night’s pixelated style and classic gameplay might put off some. Be sure to know that the game is well-known for its difficulty, even butting heads with another game on this list as one of the best mobile games offline. If you’re a retro fan, you have to get Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on your phone right now.

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