BGMI India Series’ (BGIS) Team Cannonboltz disqualified for hacking

The BGMI India Series (BGIS) is currently ongoing with its ‘The Grind’ stage. However, of the 256 invited teams, one has been disqualified for using ‘unauthorized software modifications,’ per a statement by Krafton. Furthermore, the company has revealed that it’s currently evaluating whether to take further action.

BGIS 2024

Image Credits: Krafton

In the BGIS: The Grind, the country’s top 256 teams have been invited to compete. These teams have been evenly split into 16 groups, where they will be competing until April 28 for direct slots to the BGIS Qualifiers.

Team Cannonboltz was a part of Group 7, where fan-favorite iQOO Soul is also a part

Krafton said in its statement that the team indulged in software modifications and also collaborated with other players equipped with cheating devices. The company, however, didn’t explicitly state that they were hacking.

Nonetheless, the team has been disqualified from the BGIS. Krafton also said that it will take further reviews to analyze if further action is necessary, including potential bans from other events.

The swift action is a welcome move, though, especially after several hacking allegations plagued the BGIS in 2023.

BGIS: Cannonboltz’s points to be redistributed within the group

Group 7 was completely dominated by fan-favorite iQOO Soul, the organization that boasts the former roster of Blind Esports. Blind were the winners of the previous BGMI esports event by Krafton, the Pro Series.

Cannonboltz, however, were faring really well too, sitting in third place with 28 points to their name. Due to their disqualification, their points have been evenly distributed across all the other 15 teams. Thus, each team has gotten two extra points.

“This decision is made to maintain the competitive balance within the group and ensure no team is unduly disadvantaged by the exclusion of a competitor,” Krafton said in on its decision to redistribute the points.

Now, all the upcoming matches for the group will happen with 15 teams and the revised points structure.

After The Grind is over, the BGIS Qualifier Rounds will begin on May 2. After several rounds of qualifiers and the semifinals, the top 16 teams will converge at the BGIS 2024 Grand Finals. This event will happen as a LAN event at an undisclosed venue, where Rs. 20,000,000 (about $240,000) will be up for grabs.

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