Clash Royale League (CRL) returns in 2023 with $1.3 million on the line

The Clash Royale League (CRL) is set to return for its 2023 season. Continuing with the individual-based format that Supercell implemented in 2021, the league will feature monthly competitions leading to a LAN world finals at the end of the year.

Supercell has stated that the CRL is set to be bigger than ever before this year. The total prize pool for the year has been set at $1.3 million which will be rewarded across the monthly competitions and the World Finals. The 2022 World Finals had a total prize pool of $900,000.


Clash Royale esports is making a big change to the CRL format in 2023

The CRL 2023 features a different format from past years. Supercell has basically combined the formats seen in 2021 and 2022 two years to create the present edition of the league.

The main goal for each player in the CRL is to secure a slot in the World Finals. They can do this by collecting a Golden Ticket or amassing the most competitive points through monthly qualifiers and finals.

For the CRL 2023, there will be seven monthly qualifiers and finals. In each of these, the top 1,000 players from the in-game Path of Legends leaderboard will make it to the Monthly Qualifier. Thus, you will have to grind in-game for a chance to make it to the CRL.

From the monthly qualifier, the top eight will advance to the Monthly Final. The winner of this will secure a Golden Ticket to the CRL World Finals 2023.

Additionally, players will earn competitive points based on their performance in the monthly qualifiers and finals. At the end of the year, the seven players with the most points will also qualify for the CRL World Finals 2023.

The World Finals will take place as a LAN event


The CRL World Finals 2023 is set to take place as an offline event at an undisclosed venue. It will happen from Nov. 24 to 26 alongwith the Clash of Clans World Championship Finals. Last year as well, Supercell had hosted the finals for the CRL and Clash of Clans World Championship together on a grand stage in Helsinki, Finland.

Seven players will make it to the event by securing golden tickets while seven others will qualify by racking up competitive points. Thus, a total of 14 players will lock horns for a chance to become the 2023 world champions. The prize pool for the event hasn’t been revealed yet.

Additionally, Supercell has said that the fans who tune into the CRL live will be able to get some exciting in-game rewards.

Lastly, the Finnish developer has stated that it will continue to support community tournaments, providing players with additional opportunities to compete in Clash Royale esports beyond the official CRL.

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