CoD Mobile Season 9: Zombies mode returns along with new weapon, perk, and more

CoD Mobile Season 9 is coming to the game soon with a ton of new content. With Halloween around the corner, the season is called Graveyard Shift and is set to reintroduce the anticipated zombies mode into the game. Additionally, CoD Mobile Season 9 is set to bring a new perk, weapon, Halloween-themed maps, and more.

CoD Mobile Season 9

Image Credits: Activision

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season.

When will CoD Mobile Season 9 begin?

CoD Mobile Season 9 will begin on Oct. 5 at 5 PM PT. Activision will make most of the new content available then, but it will release some of it later on.

CoD Mobile Season 9

Image Credits: Activision

The update for CoD Mobile Season 9, however, will be released before the official start time of Graveyard Shift. You will need to head over to your application stores to download it and hop over to the latest version of the game.

New perk and weapon

As usual, the new CoD Mobile season has brought two sets of items for players to grind the battle pass and unlock. This time, it’s the Launcher Plus Perk at tier 14 and the new CX-9 SMG at tier 21.

The Launcher Plus Perk, as the name suggests, adds two reserve ammunition to all launchers, making it an explosive choice for players. The CX-9 SMG, on the other hand, sets itself apart from other guns in its class with its high fire rate coupled with good maneuverability.


Image Credits: Activision

You can advance through the BP tiers in CoD Mobile Season 9 through Battle Pass XP which can be collected by playing matches and completing missions.

Zombies Classic and Undead Siege are set to make a comeback in CoD Mobile Season 9

With Halloween right around the corner, the undead are set to make a return to the game. Adding to the excitement, not only is the Undead Siege mode returning to the game but also the Zombies Classic.

CoD Mobile Zombies mode Season 9

Image Credits: Activision

  • Zombies Classic: This round-based zombie fighting mode takes place in Shi No Numa, the Swamp of Death. Players have to fight against hordes of zombies across different rounds. You will get points in each round which will enable you to open pathways and upgrade your arsenal to counter the offensive.
  • Undead Siege: The Undead Siege mode, on the other hand, is very different from the classic mode as it takes place on the Battle Royale map. Players have to work together to set up defenses against hordes of zombies spanning five days and five nights. You will have the daytime to upgrade your defenses before the undead attack at night.

Halloween-themed Standoff and Hacienda are set to launch in the game

The Zombies Classic and Undead Siege aren’t the only features coming to mark the festival of Halloween. Two classic maps are getting a scary theme as well. The Halloween Standoff and Haunted Hacienda will feature a night theme with carved pumpkins, offering a refreshed experience to players.

Haunted Hacienda

Image Credits: Activision

New Multiplayer Mode: Patrol

CoD Mobile Season 9 is also bringing a new mode in the form of the Patrol. The mode is similar to Hardpoint. However, in this mode, the Hardpoint will move along a path on the entire map instead of remaining in a fixed point.

You need to take down enemies and hold the Hardpoint to earn points. The first team to reach 150 points will achieve victory.

Patrol MP Mode

Image Credits: Activision

New Battle Pass

Like every season, this one has also introduced a new battle pass containing both a Free version and a Premium Pass. The Premium version costs 220 CP but offers significantly better rewards.

Free Pass

Besides the Launcher Plus Perk and the CX-9 SMG, players can earn camos, weapon blueprints, and the QXR – Growl.

Premium Pass

The Premium Pass will offer some rewards in all 50 tiers. Some of the highlights are as follows:

Operator Skins: Witch Doctor – Lethal Cure, Demir – Lurking Dead, Portnova – Funny Bone, and Misty – In the Spirit
Weapon Blueprints: CR-56 AMAX – Final Testament, Chopper – The Great Beyond, M4 – Nocturne Mortis, Kilo Bolt-Action – Rex Mortem, and the CX-9 – Deathly Light.

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