iQOO Soul tops the table as underdogs shine on BGIS Day 1

Day 1 of the BGMI India Series (BGIS) 2024 has been quite an exciting day. The three-day event began in quite an incredible fashion, with the top 16 teams from India participating. Day 1 has been filled with many surprises, with the underdogs proving why they must be remembered. In this article, let’s recap about the first day of this thrilling event with players sharing their opinions on the game.

BGIS Day 1: Underdogs shine the brightest

BGIS Day 1

Image Credits: Bryan Francis

BGIS 2024 is being hosted at the Hitex Exhibition Centre in Hyderabad from June 28 to 30. Six matches will take place each day. The tournament stage must be appreciated, as it is one of the best of any Indian LAN that I’ve have been to. There have been efforts to ensure that the viewing experience for fans is premium.

The storyline for the first match was similar to that of David and Goliath. The top three teams were Venom Esports, Team Insane, and iQOO Soul. Since their qualification, iQOO Soul has been the favorite for the tournament. Venom Esports secured the first chicken dinner during the event. During Match 2, there was a technical issue toward the end of the game due to an internet issue. As a result, Team Xspark and Carnival Gaming got 10 points each.

The day ended with the favorite, iQOOSoul, on top of the table with 58 points. This was due to their consistency during each game and securing a chicken dinner at the event, led by the team’s star Spower.

“Due to a good start in the first match, we could maintain our momentum,” Spower said after the day. “While we did choke during game 3, the team’s failures following the break helped us immensely. This allowed us to secure our first chicken dinner of the day.”

The Reigning Champions Didn’t Get Their Best Foot Forward

BGIS Day 1

Image Credits: Bryan Francis

While iQOO Soul performed well, the reigning champions in MOGO Esports needed a better start. The team currently sits in 13th place with 21 points. MOGO’s DeltaPG felt that they weren’t able to capitalize on their duels.

“Today, we couldn’t complete our target. There isn’t much to say except that we didn’t perform well. We didn’t win our duels, mainly myself. Tomorrow is day two. It’s a new day. We will do our best and have fun. We will perform well and get the required points to return on top.”

It must be stated that in the past, they haven’t performed well on the first day of any event they are a part of. With the top 3 teams sitting on over 50 points, seeing how they will perform during day two will be interesting.

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