Everdale set to return with a new dev – Supercell game gets un-killed

For the first time in history, a game killed by Supercell is making a comeback, albeit under a different developer and publisher. Everdale, which was initially released in 2021 and later killed off for not meeting Supercell’s high standards, but is set to return soon. Helsinki-based game company Metacore is set to bring it back after acquiring the IP from Supercell.

Everdale is a farming simulator game in which players build and manage their own villages. In this game, players gather resources, utilize them in their village, deliver goods, and make their village as efficient as possible. They can also interact with other villagers in the game and progress together.


What does this mean for Everdale?

While the game was built from the ground up by Supercell, the Finnish company will no longer be developing the title. Instead, all responsibilities for publishing and further developing the game will fall under a new team at Metacore. Supercell said in its statement that the new Everdale team has already started working on the game, but a release date wasn’t revealed.

Metacore also released a lengthy statement on the acquisition of the game. Based on the announcement, it seems that the company is ready to make some big changes to the title. Metacore said that it was putting the game under its “development process” and analyzing Everdale’s market-fit along with experimenting ways to grow its audience. Nonetheless, it seems Metacore is ready to make some changes to the game which is why Supercell killed it off in the first place.

If players already played Everdale in the past and made progress in it, they will likely not get that back under the new game being released by Metacore. This is because Supercell had refunded all transactions made during the period.

Why did Supercell kill the game in the first place?

Supercell has become almost synonymous with mobile gaming in 2022. Almost every mobile gamer has played a title by Supercell at some point. This is because its games are immensely successful, engaging, and visually pleasing. Games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans have dominated the top-charts for years. To reach this level of success, Supercell has set a very high standard for its games.

Thus, the company’s development process involves a period of regional release, during which the game’s “market-fit” is tested. If Supercell finds that the game doesn’t meet its standards, it kills off that game. It has done this for multiple titles in the past, like Rush Wars and Hay Day Pop. Supercell usually doesn’t give a clear reason behind the killing of a game. When they announced the discontinuing development for Everdale , the company said:

“At Supercell, we believe our players deserve the very best games, and despite all the efforts we made for Everdale, they did not meet the standards we have set for ourselves and for our players.”

Luckily for fans of the game, they can now begin playing Everdale again soon.

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