Free Fire OB41 Update: New character, Bermuda rework, Finishing moves, and more

Free Fire has released the patch notes for the upcoming OB41 update. The new version of the game is set to come with a lot of features including the Cyber Drop, changes to the Bermuda map, a new character, the return of Zombie Hunt, and more.

Here’s everything new in the Free Fire OB41 update and the patch notes.

Free Fire update adds Cyber Airdrop to Clash Squad matches

Free Fire OB41 Update CS Cyber Airdrop

Cyber Airdrops will be coming to the game in the third, fourth, and fifth rounds of Clash Squad matches. These will be transparent in the beginning and will materialize slowly as a team begins capturing. Once it completely materializes, it will block bullets as well.

The Cyber Airdrop will work similarly to the Defense Drop. A team can capture it by being around it for 10 to 12 seconds, depending on the round going on. Once it’s captured, the team will be able to obtain weapons, equipment, and even Cyber Points to help you out in subsequent matches.

In the updated CS Store, there will be a separate Cyber Item section which will have different items to aid you in battle. If a team can earn three Cyber Points, they can even unlock the M1887-X in the new OB41 update of Free Fire.

Defense Arsenal is a new BR quest to unlock an arsenal

In the upcoming update, the Defense Arsenal has been added to the in-match quests pool. It will only be available in select BR matches, though.

In the ones in which it’s activated, you will not need keys to unlock the Arsenals. Instead, you will have to capture a Defense Arsenal by being close to it. Once it reaches 100 percent, it will unlock.

The more teammates you have in the range around it, the quicker it will unlock. The unlocking will pause if two or more teams are near it, though.

Once a team captures it, the Defense Arsenal in the Free Fire OB41 update will deploy a UAV which will scan for nearby enemies. The enemies, though, can take it down by firing at it.

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Solo Dare will let you revive allies in the Free Fire OB41 update

Garena has added a new and exciting function to BR matches – and that is the Solo Dare. This is a mission which can be purchased for free through vending machines if you are the sole surviving member of your squad.

Once you enter the Solo Dare mission, your location will be exposed to other players on their minimaps. However, if you can survive for the duration of the mission, you will get 400 Free Fire coins and the Super Revival for all teammates.

In Duos mode, you need to survive for 90 seconds. The Squads mode, on the other hand, requires you to survive for 100 seconds.

Zombie Hunt has returned

Besides all the new content in the Free Fire OB41 update, it’s also bringing a return of the Zombie Hunt mode. The updated version features a redesigned Zombie Hunt interface. Additionally, it will have new zombies and maps.

The Zombie Hunt mode will now have rotating maps which will change every week. It will also have different buffs for weekly rotating maps.

Lastly, the Zombie Hunt is getting a new Exchange store in the Free Fire OB41 update.

Training Grounds and the Bermuda map are getting changes in the Free OB41 update

Free Fire OB41 Update Training Ground Updates

The Training Grounds in Free Fire are getting a big change. Firstly, the Target Range is now getting wider and more covers are being added.

Additionally, the Training Grounds is giving players more power to experiment. You now can change the following for the targets:

  • Unlimited HP
  • Running Speed
  • Spawn Amount
  • Spawn Distance
  • Armor Level
  • HP

That’s not all, though, as the oldest Free Fire map, Bermuda, is getting some adjustments as well. Three key areas are being targeted which are the Peak, Hangar, and Factory. The area with the biggest changes is Peak. Garena is set to revamp the complete layout of buildings in the area.

Bermuda map changes

Suzy is the latest character in Free Fire

The OB41 Update in Free Fire is also set to bring a new character in the form of Suzy. She is a Bounty Assassin who gives her ally teammates extra FF coins for each elimination. Once you mark an enemy and they get taken down by an ally, the ally will get 100 FF. Additionally, you will also get 100 FF for taking down an enemy.

Free Fire new character Suzy

Besides the new character, the update is also bringing reworks to four characters. This includes Antonio, Nairi, Shani, and Shirou.

Finishing moves have arrived in the Free Fire OB41 update

Free Fire Finishing Moves

Last but not least, finishing moves are coming to Free Fire. These moves will be available on all the melee weapons, except for the pan. You can only use them when an enemy is knocked down to eliminate them with a slick animation.

There will be a stop button if you wish to cancel the animation at anytime.

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