Honor of Kings Asian Wave 2023 Season 2 Leads to KIC Wildcard Qualifier

Level Infinite has revealed the second season of the Honor of Kings Asian Wave (KAW) 2023 Season 2. The invitational tournament will feature the top teams from across SEA and Japan as they battle it out for regional glory and a share of the nearly $70,000 prize pool.

Adding to the stakes, the Honor of Kings Asian Wave Season 2 will reward a slot to the KIC 2023 Wildcard Qualifier, providing a path for Asian teams into the international championship. The KIC 2023 is one of the biggest mobile esports events in history, taking place in China with a humongous $10 million prize pool.

Honor of Kings KAW 2023

Honor of Kings Asian Wave 2023 Season 2: Teams, format, stream, and more

The second season of the KAW is happening from July 27 to Sept. 7. Twelve teams will be locking horns in the event. These are as follows:

  • Black Shrew Esports
  • Deadeyes Guys
  • Fennel
  • Gluk Gaming
  • Impunity
  • Killer Gaming
  • M8Hexa.Secrecy
  • Nova Esports
  • Paradise Esports
  • RCG Gaming
  • RTZ Esports Club

The tournament will feature a group stage (July 27 to Aug. 27) followed by the Playoffs and the Grand Final. For the Group Stage, the teams will be seeded based on their performance in Season 1. The top six teams will be in Group A while the remaining six will be in Group B.

The group stage will only eliminate the bottom four teams from Group B. The top four teams from Group A will be in the Upper Bracket while the top two teams from Group B will advance to the Lower Bracket. They will compete in a double-elimination bracket to determine the champions. The matches will be a best-of-five, except for the Grand Finals, which will be a best-of-seven.

You can tune into all the action live on the Honor of Kings Esports YouTube channel.

Champion will advance to the KIC 2023 Wildcard


The champion of the KAW Season 2 will move on to the KIC 2023 Wildcard qualifier, taking place in Shenzhen, China from Nov. 21 to 30. This will feature 10 teams and will be the path for global teams to compete in the KIC 2023. The top five teams from the Wildcard Qualifier will advance to the KIC 2023.

Finally, the KIC 2023 will happen in November and December featuring 16 teams from around the world. The grand mobile esports tournament will feature a humongous prize pool of $10 million.

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