How To Get Evolution Shards in Clash Royale

Clash Royale has millions of players, particularly hooked due to the game’s superior progression models. In the game, you don’t just progress through arenas or levels but also upgrade individual cards. The game has also added another layer of progression to individual cards in the form of evolutions. To evolve cards in Clash Royale, though, you need Evolution Shards or Wild Shards. Thus, here’s the complete guide on how to get them.

How to get Evolution Shards in Clash Royale

Image Credits: Supercell

How to use Evolution Cards in the game?

As a part of this update, every deck has an assigned slot for Evolution. Here, you can assign an evolution of your choice to a card in your deck. Of course, you need Evolution Shards in Clash Royale to unlock the evolution, though. Then, follow these steps:

  • Once you have placed the evolution in your deck, it can’t be immediately used in the game.
  • You need to play the card with the evolution a certain amount of times before it gets unlocked.
  • Once you have played the card, you can use the evolution to power up the card with its unique feature. The evolution activates automatically on your card.
  • After it’s used once, do the same steps to use it again.

Evolutions for different cards offer a range of perks. For example, an evolved Barbarian gets angrier with each hit, making it increase its hit speed and movement speed.

How to get Evolution Shards in Clash Royale?

Evolution Shards in Clash Royale

Image Credits: Supercell

While this seems like a great feature, obtaining Evolution Shards in Clash Royale is the tricky part. There aren’t many ways to get them easily. However, all of the ways are listed below:

  • Pass Royale (Unlock at King Level 7)
  • Season Shop (Unlock at King Level 8)
  • Challenges
  • Shop Offers
  • Level Up Chests (Every second Level Up Chest after King Level 50)
  • Lucky Drops

You need six evolution shards of each card to unlock its evolution. An evolved card definitely changes up the meta and moves up in the Clash Royale card tier list.

If you are really great at the game and find yourself unlocking additional Evolution Shards for a fully-evolved card, the game will reward you with other items based on the card’s level.

  • Below Level 14: 1,000 Common Cards
  • Level 14: 1,000 Elite Wild Cards

How to get Wild Shards in Clash Royale

Wild Shards allow you to unlock the Evolution Shard for any card of your choosing. You can get it through the following sources:

  • The Shop
  • Season Shop
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