PUBG Mobile Downloadable Content: What Is It & How To Manage?

PUBG Mobile was released back in 2018 and has gone on to become one of the leading titles on Android and iOS globally. How did Tencent manage this? It was through constant content releases and updates to the game.

When PUBG Mobile faced competition from titles like CoD Mobile and Free Fire, the game received the TDM mode and also a smaller BR map. Over the past five years, so much content has been added to the game that its size has considerably increased.

This includes several maps, modes, skins, outfits, and much more. However, not all players like to play all the modes and maps. Thus, to give these players an option to choose, Tencent has added downloadable content to the game. Players can choose to only download the content that they play. This helps them regulate the overall size of the game on their devices.

pubg mobile downloadable content

Source: PUBG Mobile

What is the PUBG Mobile Downloadable Content?

As soon as you open the game for the first time, you will be greeted with the resource download option. Here, you have to select between two options:

  • Low-spec resource pack: About 500 MB
  • HD resource pack: About 1 GB

Of course, the names of the resource packs are pretty self-explanatory. If you have less space on your device, you might want to use the low-spec resource pack. Additionally, if you have a lower-end device, it’s advised to download the lower specifications resolution pack for smoother gaming experience.

Once this resource pack is downloaded, you will be able to log in and open the game. However, there is more additional content you can download in the game.

This includes the main maps, Arena maps, and modes. However, these are optional downloads and can be ignored if you don’t play certain modes.

PUBG Mobile Downloadable Content

How to manage PUBG Mobile Downloadable Content?

You can manage your downloadable content in PUBG Mobile through the Resource Management Center. To enter this, you need to click on the download icon in the main screen of PUBG Mobile which is located at the top left.

Here, you will be able to see the list of downloads and also ongoing installations. It also gives you combined data on how much space is required for the downloadable content. You can also remove contents that you don’t require.

PUBG Mobile Downloadable Content

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