The Red Bull M.E.O. World Finals are coming

Easily one of the biggest esports tournaments in the world, this year’s Red Bull Mobile Esports Open will be taking place in Germany! More specifically, the World Finals of the global series will be taking place in the Warsteiner Music Hall in Dortmund.

© Red Bull

From the 1st until the 3rd of February this year, the event will be taking place there. If you don’t know – the Red Bull M.E.O. is a global competitive gaming event dedicated to mobile gaming specifically. Where in most esports tournaments, mobile games mostly go ignored, this is not the case with the M.E.O. – here, it’s all about them.

There are three big mobile games that will be played – Arena of Valor, Brawl Stars and, of course, the biggest of the three, Clash Royale. Fans, players, experts and friends will assemble to watch the big battles for a cash prize and, of course, the title.

A thousand visitors get the chance to be there on the day – if you can’t go or would even just prefer being at home in your pyjama pants while watching, don’t worry – the three days each have an all-day livestream going, so you won’t miss a thing! You can watch the stream on the day on the redbullesports Twitch channel.

© Red Bull Pool

If you DO want to go, you’ll be happy to know that tickets to the event are free – all you need to do is grab yours and you’re good to go. There are still a couple hundred tickets left, so if you do want to attend the event, you’ll have time to grab yourself one still.

Pro players from 36 countries will be competing at the world finals – the ESL-hosted tournament held qualifiers late last year (in the case of South Korea and Denmark actually early this year) in order to determine the champs that would get to participate on the day.

Germany alone won’t have its own qualifiers until the first day of the tournament, so if you are interested in seeing which German player will join the fray in the final, be sure to watch on the 1st of February. The 36 countries involved in the tournament are strewn all across the world – Australia, Europe, Asia, CIS, the Americas and even Africa will be represented at the tournament.

All in all, there will be some pretty well-known players there as well – Clash Royale pro Berin, to name just one. Naturally, the three games represented at the tournament each have their own rules and tournament settings – Brawl Stars, for example, will be fought out in 3v3 best of 5 matches with a fixed match order. For Arena of Valor, it’s actually only two countries that are competing against each other – Turkey and Germany.

The big event – Clash Royale – as mentioned, features 36 different countries and plenty of skilled pro players. Be sure not to miss the Red Bull M.E.O., whether it’s in person or via stream.