Conquering the Mid Lane: S-Tier List Champions for Wild Rift!

Do you need help deciding which Middle Lane champion to pick for this patch?

Find the best champions in our Wild Rift Mid Lane tier list.

Wild Rift Mid Lane Tier List

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Wild Rift Mid Lane Tier List – Best Champions in Patch 5.0

Mid Lane is one of the most popular positions to play on Wild Rift. Although the role in League of Legends has become more supportive over the years, in Wild Rift, this is not the case. Assassins and high-output damage dealers rule the day, so pick the correct champion. If you need help deciding which champion to play in the Mid Lane for Wild Rift, don’t worry; here are the five best champions in our Wild Rift Mid Lane tier list.

Kassadin, the Void Walker

Kassadin - Wild Rift Mid Lane Tier List


Even on Wild Rift, Kassadin is still the late-game insurance policy your team will be looking for.

Early on, Kassadin is one of the weakest champions in the game. Players should avoid looking for early trades and wait until they are level five to have their ultimate ready. Once they have their first couple of items, they are off to the races, as they can easily roam around the map looking for kills and be effective in the side lanes.

Syndra, the Dark Sovereign

Syndra - Wild Rift Mid Lane Tier List


Syndra is one of the more difficult champions on this Wild Rift Mid Lane tier list. This mage is a long-range machine who can pick you off at will if you walk too far forward. The difficulty lies in the majority of her abilities being skill shots, which isn’t the easiest for players not familiar with her kit. To get the most out of Syndra, you must position well to maximize the damage from your Spheres.

Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger

Aurelion Sol - Wild Rift Mid Lane Tier List


Late-game scaling mages are most certainly the theme of this Mid Lane tier list. Aurelion Sol cant be countered late game, and he looks to scale through damaging enemy champions to scale up his ultimate. A’Sol players should look to play passively at the beginning of the game until they can safely trade and look to farm their ultimate. Aurelion Sol relies on having his core items to be helpful as the game progresses. Before looking for fights, look to build Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and Liandry’s Torment as early as possible.

Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper

Vladimir - Wild Rift


Vladimir is the optimal pick for both the Middle and Baron Lane. Vlad is a mage who can out-sustain his opponent and stay on the map much longer than his opponents. Like many of the champions on this tier list, Vladimir looks to scale into the late game, where he will be unstoppable due to his healing. Look to get as much gold as you can early before opting into any fights. You may be able to wind your opponent down, but be careful of getting too low and being an easy target to gank.

Yasuo, the Unforgiven

Yasuo - Wild Rift


Unlike the other champions on this list, Yasuo does not need many items to become a 1v1 machine. Despite the “10 death power spike” jokes, Yasuo spikes a lot earlier than that, mainly between 1 and 2 items. Before level 5, Yasuo is at his weakest in the Mid Lane. You will likely go up against an AP champion that out-ranges you, so look to avoid long trades and use your wall when possible to block incoming attacks.

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