SIM Racing World Cup Finals 2022 participants and all qualifier results

Last week, the Monaco Esports Federation announced the participation of 12 teams for the 2022 SIM Racing World Cup finals on October 23. The tournament will feature Assetto Cross, a simulation racing video game that has been developed by KUNOS-Sumulazioni Sri, an Italian developer.

Drivers from over 40 esports federations have competed in their national and continental qualification rounds to try and make it to the grand finale. The tournament has the backing of the International Esports Federation (IESF). Previously, a small sample of what is to follow was provided at the Pavilion of Monaco at the Dubai 2020 Expo in December last year.

Qualified Drivers Sim Racing World CUp

SIM Racing World Cup Finals 2022 Event Breakdown

This isn’t the first time the Monaco Esports Federation will be hosting an esports event in principality. Last December, they hosted the Monaco Gaming Show, which featured the hugely-popular Fortnite and Rocket League tournaments that was witnessed by millions online.

The SIM Racing World Cup will have had two stages by the time we get around to the October 23 start date. Two players from each participating country would have come through the Continental qualifiers, with one athlete making it through the global finals. This is to ensure the cream of talent is available and ready to compete on the biggest stage.  The final is set to also feature some leading casters, influences and VIP guests from the red and virtual racing world. A final announcement of the participating guests will be unveiled soon.

Update: Teams representing Argentina, Columbia, Hungary, Algeria, Thailand, Monaco, and Slovakia are some of the finalists competing at the event. India, too, have a representation in the form of Mohammed Ibrahim, who finished second at the Asian Continental Qualifiers, to secure an entry. His end timing was the fifth-fastest overall. Ewan ‘agntwash1ngton’ Baker stood out as well, and will represent New Zealand and Oceania at the finals.

Sim Racing World Cup Qualifier Results

*Monaco and Slovakia are yet to confirm their representatives.

SIM Racing in a historic location

Heading into Monaco, and the Grimaldi Forum is an apt location for such a prestigious finals event. We hope MESF organizes a banger event for us eRacer fanatics. The confirmed caster team currently consists of: Depielo, Ideal, AnaOnAir, Steph Wentworth  and George Morgan.

Sim racing, also known as Simulated racing, is a single-player racing game software that aims to simulate real racing with live scenarios and features, such as tire wear and grip, pitstops, fuel usage and suspension settings. It’s a massively popular entry point into the esports industry for several teams around the world.

Make no mistake, Sim Racing is equally about competing as it is about the fun element. Formula One Grand Prix was the first game to replicate the highest tier of motorsport when it was unveiled in 1992. Thirty years on, the top sims include iRacing and Assetto Corsa, games that 3D-scan real life circuits, making them accurate to the millimetre. The hardware is equally advanced too, with high-end equipment matching the real-life feel. Organisations look at it as an avenue to foray into a known, yet unknown, world. The craze has become so widespread that Formula1 behemoths such as Ferrari and Williams Racing have also launched separate eSports divisions by fielding rosters across a number of sim racing titles.