Ranking the Laners – MSI Rumble Stage Player Power Rankings

With the Group stage over, the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) will enter its Rumble Stage! Based on what we’ve seen in the first week of action, we will be ranking the best five players from each role ahead of the second phase. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

BEST Laners MSI 2022


MSI Rumble Stage Player Rankings

Heading into the Rumble Stage, we have 30 of the best League of Legends players in the world fighting to assert their lane kingdom. Who gets to be king?

Our rankings are based not just on individual KDA, but overall influence and impact on the entire team the laners play for.

Top Lane – Bin explodes the island

  1. Bin – RNG
  2. Zeus – T1
  3. BrokenBlade – G2
  4. Hanabi – PSG Talon
  5. Impact – EG

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the top lane is pretty much in line with what we expected coming into the tournament. Zeus continues to be the best top laner by looking at some of the individual stats (highest CS/min) but Bin is closing in second place. The two are very similar, with the main difference being that Zeus dies less often than Bin, making him less volatile of a player. Hanabi is my dark horse in the Rumble Stage, as he’s constantly the best player on the PSG roster: we’ll see if he can surprise us going forward.

Jungle – Oner on a different level

  1. Oner – T1
  2. Wei – RNG
  3. Jankos – G2
  4. Inspired – EG
  5. Juhan – PSG Talon

The top five in the jungle are also similar to what we expected. Oner is the best jungler in the tournament and there is no sign of him stopping, with Wei and Jankos being great assets to their own teams as well. Inspired and EG struggled a lot macro-wise, but I think that the former RGE player is still individually strong. To round out the list, I chose Juhan over BeanJ, considering his poor performances in the last games.

Mid Lane – Claps or Craps?

MSI Mid Caps

  1. Caps – G2
  2. Faker – T1
  3. Xiaohu – RNG
  4. jojopyun – EG
  5. Froggy – SGB

Moving onto the mid lane, this might be the most debatable ranking. Faker does have better individual stats and KDA, but every time you watched G2’s games, you knew that Caps was the difference-maker. He’s carrying G2 on his shoulders like he almost never did last year, and we’re expecting great things from the LEC representative with the best mid laner from EU. Froggy and jojopyun have been average so I expect them to struggle even more coming into the Rumble Stage.

ADC – Gala uncontested, and it’s not even close

  1. GALA – RNG
  2. Flakked – G2
  3. Gumayusi – T1
  4. Danny – EG
  5. Unified – PSG Talon

GALA is without a doubt the best marksman at MSI, period. Just like Caps for G2, you can feel GALA’s presence in a similar way on the RNG roster. Aside from him, Flakked has been incredibly consistent, showing the great form that we’ve seen in the LEC Playoffs. Highest KDA and overall great individual stats, and he’s finally showing why G2 decided to pick him up at the beginning of 2022.

Gumayusi has had an overall decent group stage, but he had some poor laning mistakes in the early game. The 2v2 against SGB and then some mistakes in his positioning might have been more fatal against stronger teams. Until he proves himself back again, Gumayusi might be a tier below the top 2 ADC.

Support – More Keria Rumble please!

Support MSI

  1. Keria – T1
  2. Targamas – G2
  3. Ming – RNG
  4. Vulcan – EG
  5. Kaiwing – PSG Talon

The only debatable ranking between the support I think is between Targamas and Ming. The reasoning behind this choice is related to Targamas’ insane roaming skills and the great coordination he has with Jankos. We know how strong his Pyke is and with the Umbral Glaive being the strongest item for him, he makes denying vision control look extremely easy. He’s very proactive in his plays and it is a recurrent trend that we have seen from G2 often. Aside from those two, Keria is still the undisputed number one, with Vulcan and Kaiwing a tier below the top 3.

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