Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals: What To Expect

With just a few days until the Mythic Dungeons International Global Finals, the end of six incredible weeks of the MDI Cup Competition are about to come to an end. The final action kicks off on July 10th, with all matches live streamed to YouTube.

It’s set to be an action-packed weekend as the teams battle it out for a prize pool worth a whopping $300,000, and viewers will be watching the best dungeon racing teams on the planet as they look to become crowned World Champions (and enjoy a healthy payday at the same time.)

Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals: What To Expect

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MDI Finals Format

This weekend’s finals sees the top four teams from the “Americas” take on the top four teams from Europe and Asia. They’ll be facing one another between July 10th and July 12th, and, as is commonplace in the industry, the teams will compete in a best-of-three, double-elimination format. It’s set to be an exciting weekend with all teams – naturally – determined to emerge winners of the Grand Final – which itself will be broadcast live on July 12th.

For each day the finals take place, coverage will begin at 10AM PDT/7PM CEST and it will be broadcast live on YouTube. The official channel where the matches will be live streamed can be found here.
This live stream is also being broadcast in a number of different languages. This includes English, Portugese (Latin American), Spanish (Latin American), Frech, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese (Taiwan).

What teams are competing?

As we just mentioned, there are 8 teams in total taking part in this weekend’s finals. The table below shows the participants in each region and their opponents.

Americas Europe and Asia
Goosy Bad Wunderbar
Ethical Deplete from Beyond
Complexity Limit Perplexed
GG The Boys

For those of you wondering what happened to Method EU and Method NA, worry not. Both teams are still competing at the event. Due to recent events plaguing the Method organisation, both squads have decided to distance themselves from the Method brand. Both rosters will be competing under new names. The American squad fully nullified their agreements and signed the entire team to Golden Guardians. On the other hand, the European roster is competing under the name Wunderbar with the Method players having left their Guild and are guild less and ORGless.

Furthermore, these two squads are also the favorites for winning the event or at least reprising the 2019 final which went to the European squad.

Who’s Casting The Event?

Blizzard have opted to bring in some relatively big names for the weekend’s finals. Five Twitch/YouTube streamers will be commenting live on the action. While it hasn’t been confirmed who’s going to be commentating on which events, it’s likely we’ll see matches with two or more presenters, like has been the case in the past.

Dan “AutomaticJak” Azenberger is the first streamer to be commentating on the event, and he’s joined by Tristan “Dratnos” Killeen and Caroline “Naguura” Forer. Additionally, Peyton “Tettles” Tettleton and Alex “Xyronic” Tatge will be providing real-time commentary on each of the weekend’s streams.

Finally, we are wishing good luck to the best Mythic Dungeoneers 0n the planet.

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