National Sykkuno Day was wholesome and happy and sad all at once

Sykkuno had an eventful day yesterday in an 8-hour long stream packed full with fan and friend interactions. At the end of the day, an emotional thank you to the fans, and a hint about his future plans.

Let’s recap the biggest day for one the wholesomest Twitch streamer out there.


National Sykkuno Day was wholesome

During his ‘National Sykkuno Day’ stream, the streamer faced an outpouring of love and support from fans and friends alike. The day started out with with our hero browsing through old content and key moments from his streaming endeavors in the past. Small fan service as he “re-reacted” to some of his most iconic on-stream moments.

The day moved onto playing some Valorant matches, various activities and finally ended up in Minecraft, where friends gathered to celebrate and give thanks to Sykkuno for being who he is. Heartfelt messages, a trip down a train cart and a dragon slay later, we hit the 8-hour mark on the stream and it was time to call it a day.

Sykkuno crying and issuing his “thank you” to fans and friends was expected, but he said some words that sent everyone into a speculation frenzy. (Part of the ending here:)

Many are left wondering whether he is leaving Twitch and moving to Youtube, or just moving to a new city IRL, or even moving away from streaming entirely. The last bit is highly unlikely as he repeatedly states hes not done with streaming yet. What he meant is likely related to him dropping out of Twitch.

He previously stated that the new Twitch monetization strategies are “kinda” bad. And it wouldn’t be surprising if he makes the move to Youtube soon. However, it might also just be some of “things Sykkuno says” and then wonders why we are all speculating a day later.

We are now looking a day or two of full blown speculation related to what is Sykkuno doing next, and what he meant in his last stream. Either way, we just had the most wholesome outpouring of love towards a single streamer to date, and if someone truly deserves it; Its definitely Sykkuno.