Natus Vincere map picks and threats for BLAST World Finals 2021

Na’Vi is obviously the most dominant team coming into the Blast World Finals. Having said that, nobody is invincible. Let’s take a look at potential matchups and which maps Na’Vi are most likely to lose against their hypothetical opponents.

Four teams have really taken NaVi to the edge recently. We cant wait to see if S1mple and boys can deliver another undefeated run, or if the CSGO gods have something else in store for us.

S1mple PGL Major


Overpass is problematic against Liquid

Overpass is the map Liquid can take against Na’Vi. With the tenure Liquids players have, this is a map where experience is everything. Fallen used to dominate on Overpass back in the day and if he trunks back the clock, it could spell trouble for Na’Vi. With Stewie and Elige anchoring their respective sites, Na’Vi could find themselves having a hard time executing and getting bomb plants. Experience could be everything if they end up playing on Overpass.

As the final event for this Liquid roster, we might be in for a banger of a showcase.

Gambit is fierce on Mirage

Mirage could make Na’Vi’s reign look like an illusion if Gambit play their game on it. The last time Gambit won a series vs Na’Vi, the deciding map was Mirage and it was decisive. Sh1ro just seems to go off on this map, and if he is able to win the mid battle against S1mple, it is game over for Na’Vi. Gambit just has a way of establishing map control on this map against top tier opposition.

That  however, depends on which Gambit we get to see at the event. If we get the same Gambit from Stockholm, they are not winning anything against NaVi.

Dust2 and Vitality mix well

Vitality has recently beaten Na’Vi on Nuke, their best map. Do not expect that to happen again, as you can bet Na’Vi will pick this map and have a plan for revenge. Where Vitality might be able to scrape away a win is on Dust2. Though Na’Vi have the most stacked lineup of individual skill, Vitality have destroyed teams on Dust2 when you least expected it. The beauty of Dust2 is the fact that it’s more so a battle of aim than strategy.

Vitality has shown that their players can hold their sites on this map. Their biggest defeat on Dust2 came by the hand of Na’Vi. However, Dust2 can go either way on any given day.

Na’Vi vs G2

G2 lost to Na’Vi on Ancient recently, but expect a pocket pick if they play each other in this tournament. G2 certainly has what it takes to pull off an upset win on such a new map. With all of the close angles and capacity for cheesier play, G2 will pull out all the stops to catch Na’Vi off guard wherever they can.

Let’s hope Niko doesn’t whiff his deagle shots.