Natus Vincere about to launch its $NAVI fan token through Socios

A few months ago, cryptocurrency platform Socios launched the world’s first cryptocurrency-powered $OG token. Back in March, OG, a popular Dota 2 team announced that they would partner with Chiliz, and not much later launched their fan token on the Socios platform.

It seems Socios can’t get enough now, as they are launching another token for an equally if not more popular team. Natus Vincere, another extremely popular Dota 2 team is also getting their token on Socios. They’re now the third to do so after Team Heretics announced their own back in August.

The token follows the same format as the previous two, and will be codenamed $NAVI token. The Ukraine-based team hasn’t actually launched their token yet, but they have made the official announcement that it is happening. NaVi has the widest fanbase of all esports teams parterning with Socios thus far. In addition to their Dota 2 team, they also field rosters in CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, and R6 Siege.

Navi to join Socios with $NAVI token

© Socios / Natus Vincere

$NAVI token

If you’re not familiar, the Socios platform is a blockchain-based fan voting and rewards app. On it, a limited number of tokens will be made available as part of the $NAVI token (5 million). These tokens will be made available for a fixed price of 1 dollar per token in a flash sale in the next few months.

“NAVI reached a mark of almost eleven years of support and love from its fans, equally sharing the bitterness of defeat and the everlasting joy of victories.  What we are launching today is the next eventual step in switching to a new dynamic of interacting with our devoted audience. creates an opportunity to become an actual and viable part of NAVI, as $NAVI tokens are the real way to influence our decisions. In fact, it is a way of making all the crucial decisions together.” –said NaVi CEO Yevhen Zolotarov.

After the sale, if not all are bought (which is unlikely given the number), the price will be determined by demand, the way stock prices and cryptocurrency values are usually determined. Previous team tokens weren’t quite at this scale. The Heretics launch coin number was ‘only’ 125.000, and they were offered for 2€ a piece initially.

Owners of the coins will be able to use them in several ways. The main being the ability to influence organisations decisions by voting in polls on and earning NaVi-related rewards. Those include things like digital experiences and possibly even real-life activations. They’ll gain access to quizzes and competitions, as well as a leaderboard that will feature players that interact with NaVi throughout the app.

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