NAVI vs Vitality – BLAST Premier World Final 2022 Match Analysis & Predictions

BLAST World Final kicks off this week, and we are looking at one of the hottest matches on opening day. Natus Vincere meets Vitality in a series that will shape the flow of Group B and the entire event. Three teams in this group are among the top five best CSGO teams in our rankings, and every map win matters.

S1mple IEM Rio


Let’s dig into a simple breakdown of the teams and expectations for the series.

Recent Matches Between Vitality and Natus Vincere

Given the fact that BLAST Premier World Final 2022 is just around the corner, it is important to go over the recent form and analyze the matches these two teams played. In the last three bouts, Natus Vincere only have one recent victory to their name, that being against a tier 2 roster, Fluxo. Moreover, the two defeats to Liquid and Ninjas in Pyjamas probably rattled them a bit, and they are in desperate need of a victory in this match.

In 2022, Natus Vincere and Vitality played against each other on a total of ten maps. That is a big sample for us to analyze. Here are the facts. Out of the ten maps played, Natus Vincere came out on top in eight of them, while Vitality only won two maps, that being Overpass(16-12) and Mirage(16-14).

Back in July and September, Natus Vincere completely dominated Vitality every time they played as they sealed victories mostly on Inferno and Mirage. When it comes to map veto, we can expect a similar draft from Natus Vincere as they will most certainly try to sway the veto towards these two maps.

Vitality are not looking much better either. Just like s1mple and his crew, Vitality sits on one victory in the last three matches played. However, they did defeat FaZe in a best-of-one match, while losing narrowly to MOUZ and ENCE.

Predictions for NAVI vs Vitality at BLAST Premier World Final

All in all, this should be a straightforward match. Both teams are not looking as sharp as they are used to right now. However, head to head ratio tells us a lot. Natus Vincere is able to read Vitality like a book and this is obvious from the eight victories out of the ten maps they played against one another.

We are positive that Natus Vincere will get two comfortable maps for themselves in this match and that they will come out on top. The CSGO odds are very competitive, and this is by far the best selected outcome for this match.

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