NEST 2021 – Playoffs Match Analysis, Predictions & Betting Odds

The NEST (National Electronic Sports Tournament) 2021 is an annual Chinese tournament, featuring teams from the LPL. Sponsored by major brands such as HyperX, Huya, AMD, the tournament takes place ahead of the transfer window as the last showcase to end the season.

We are already into the Playoffs stage and none of your “expected” teams are in it. However, some fine games were played altogether, setting up an interesting close-out for the event.


What is NEST 2021’s format?

Fifteen LPL teams will participate in the tournament, as they will be randomly drawn into four groups. There will be three groups of 4 teams and one group of 3 teams, fighting in a Double Round Robin format. All matches will consist of a best of 1 series: the winner gets 3 points and the loser 0.

The top team with the most points in each group will advance to the double-elimination playoffs stage. The Round 1 playoffs match will be Bo3s while the final will instead be a Bo5.

Out of the 17 teams competing in the LPL next split, only Top Esports and Royal Never Give Up have not participated. Usually, most LPL teams use this tournament to give a chance to their academy players, thus the level of play might not be comparable to an LPL split. Nevertheless, we will be looking at the two playoff Round 1 series and making some predictions.

NEST 2021 Playoffs Predictions

Invictus Gaming and Suning both came out victorious from their own groups. The same can be said for Rogue Warriors and Team WE will face each other in the second match of Round 1 after the first series. Both matches have clear favorites and predicting outcomes is not too hard considering we have enough material to go over.

Invictus Gaming vs Suning

iG first advanced with a 4-2 record, beating Victory Five (which will rebrand to Ninjas in Pyjamas next year) thanks to a lower average game time. Suning, instead, dominated their group, only losing their first match against FPX.

While both did look well in groups, it’s very obvious that this series will likely be in Suning’s favour. We mentioned how teams can use academy players to compete in the tournament. Suning, however, decided to send their starting roster from the summer split. The organization probably thought it was better to keep training the main roster, also considering that Suning only has one substitute.

Invictus Gaming, on the other hand, sent a roster full of rookies or youngsters. Apart from jungler XUN, all the other players have not played in the LPL yet. As a result, it is almost certain that Suning will steamroll IG: LPL players compete in the Chinese League for a reason, especially considering that it’s a team that reached playoffs last split. Even if they were eliminated in the first round, Suning is not a weak team.

With that being said, we expect SN to quickly sweep IG 2-0. Below you can find some of the best odds for this match: (odds are courtesy of

  • Odd/Even maps – Even (1.45x)
  • Map 1 First Blood – Suning (1.74x)
  • Race to 5 kills – Suning (1.47x)
  • Kills Handicap – Suning -8.5 (1.93x)
  • First Dragon – Suning (1.67x)

Rogue Warriors – Team WE

Unfortunately for Rogue Warriors, the journey will likely end here. Just like Suning, Team WE brought their whole starting roster from the Summer Split. Compared to Suning, Team WE’s roster should be even stronger, as they finished 3rd in the Summer Playoffs and almost made it to Worlds.

If the other series should’ve been a one-sided game, then this one should be full-on domination. Team WE’s top side has always been the shining point of this roster, as Breathe excels on split pushing champions to create pressure and open up the map. Since the tournament is played on patch 11.22, we think WE will keep drafting similarly. Odds might be a little lower, but they are still definitely worth giving it a go:

  • Map 1 Winner – WE (1.28x)
  • Race to kills – WE (1.5x)
  • First Dragon – RW (1.78x)
  • First Blood – WE (1.68x)
  • Total kills – Under 25.5 (2.14x)

Playing all of the predicitons into a combo system 2/2 betslip will earn you nearly 53$ for 18$ (0.4$) per combination. Considering most are sure picks, you are likely going to turn a profit either way if you go to GG.BET.

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