New Valorant Map located in Lisbon, Portugal – Here’s what we know

Valorant is well due for its next new map. The last map Fracture released in Patch 3.05 all the way back September, 2021. We can expect the next map with the arrival of Episode 5.

While nothing concrete has been released from Riot directly, there have been some heavy suggestions through Valorant leaks, easter eggs, cinematics and other in-game material that suggest that the newest map is set to be in Portugal. If this stands true, this new map would be the game’s second map in Europe alongside Ascent.

New Valorant Map

New Valorant Map Location – Portugal

  1. The first indication the new map would be set in Portugal is through the battlepass player card, the “yellows on rails card”. Given most cards have relation to the game, it is highly likely this card has some significance. The card also specifically features a tram with several features specifically found in Portugal.
  1. Secondly, a board found in Fracture reveals a train time leaving for Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. While this could ordinarily mean little given there are also other cities listed below, in combination with the tram pointing to Portugal, it signifies greater importance to the region.
  2. A data miner has also revealed coordinates “38º 42′ N 9º 8′ W”, the direct coordinates to Lisbon, Portugal. However, more specifically, the coordinates point to a location in the sea slightly off Lisbon.
  3. Riot gave hints that a collection of Valorant Lore emails found on Fracture had relation to the game’s next newest map. In the email, it mentions of a location with a “city-made geo dome” that can open up based on “tidal forecasts”. This heavily suggests the location to be in a city under water. Looking at the same player card, the “yellows on rails card”, it is clear that the background of the train features an enclosed area under water.

New Valorant Map Release Date

We can expect the new Map to be released in the first week of July, together with Episode 5. We might see a new agent release on par with the release or during Act 2.

Currently, there is no outstanding information regarding the blueprints of Valorant’s 8th Map. However, if the past tells us one thing, it is certain that the map will be initially hated upon by the entire community. However, despite not liking the map initially, we suggest playing more of the map in normal mode upon its release, as it can be specifically selected before its launch in the competitive queue. By getting more familiar with the map, you gain an advantage of players who dive in blindly and learn the map as they go.

With all maps having their own unique points, the map in Portugal will likely be no exception.