Four matches to kickstart your CSGO Bets on Monday June 14

For this round of CSGO predictions, we found a couple of solid predictions that have an excellent chance of landing. Even though the best CSGO teams in the world are currently on a break, these bets will for sure give you a chance to end up in profit.

Our selections are from the following two tournaments:  Funspark ULTI and ESEA Premier Europe, while the odds are courtesy of Betway Esports.

disturbed havu csgo


Over at Funspark ULTI, we have three matches worthy of attention. First up, ENCE and HAVU are kicking off the playoffs and we have a very clear favorite in ENCE. When it comes to map selections, ENCE is still the better team across the board even though they tanked a lot of matches as of late.

An added bonus for ENCE is the recent benching of Jemi for HAVU, and they will field a stand-in for the match. Either way we are looking for a clean win for ENCE.

Entropiq vs HYENAS

The third match on our bet slip is an absolute banger. The rising CIS representatives are meeting the Danish misfits. Entropiq has been on an absolute tear this past two weeks with a 12W3L scoreline, only dropping matches to renown powerhouses like NAVI and BIG. Their last defeat before the hot streak was to HYENAS however. The Danish ex-Heroic, ex-North, ex-FaZe squad of veterans is still struggling to find form this season.

I see Entropiq winning this one heavily, only due to how dominant they are recently. If we look at the players and their histories on paper, HYENAS has the better individuals, yet as a unit they are barely functioning.

Lyngby Vikings vs K23

Last but not least, K23 meets the Vikings in the first round of Playoffs at Funspark ULTI. We haven’t seen the Kazakh squad play alot in the last week or so, so we are not sure which form they are bringing to the table. Lyngby on the other hand is having the strangest flip flop record of the season. It seems their performance depends heavily on how they woke up on the day, as they drop matches to C-tier teams and beat teams ranked higher than them with ease.

In this matchup, we simply cant hope the Vikings have a good day to place a bet on them. Even on a great day they are at best evenly matched to K23.

Anonymo vs Gamer Legion

Moving on to ESEA Premier, we have Anonymo meeting Gamer Legion. If you go by the CSGO odds on offer, this match is a neck and neck battle between two equal teams. But just looking at the recent results from both teams we can quickly see that Gamer Legion is a heavy favorite here. They perform better on both Nuke, Inferno, Overpass and Mirage which are the decent maps for Anonymo. The only potential map win for Anonymo is on Vertigo and that is also a coin-toss. We can expect GL take this in 2 maps or at best with a 2:1 final score. Regardless, an outright pick on them is a winner.

HAVU vs ENCEENCE to win@ 1.40
Entropiq vs HYENASEntropiq to win@ 1.45
Lyngby Vikings vs K23K23 to win@ 1.55
Anonymo vs Gamer LegionGamerLegion to win@ 1.85
TOTAL ODDS 5,82 (+482)

In the end, we have four matches giving us a nice four-fold bet and five times the returns. Not a bad haul for non-premier tournaments.