CLG Rising, TSM shining and c9 Zven is Back – LCS Week 4 Preview

The LCS continues with more action in Week 4! Last time out, we witnessed an insane 3-0 performance by CLG, putting them 5th in the standings. TSM managed to get back to the top of the standings while Cloud9 lost all games, dropping down from second place. To recover from this flop, Cloud9 announced that they will put Zven back into the starting roster.

As we look at this week’s matches; Is Zven going to be enough to make C9 bounce back?

Let’s find out.

Zven C9

C9 | Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen

Immortals vs Counter Logic Gaming

The first game we’re going to be looking at is between Immortals and Counter Logic Gaming. We previously mentioned that CLG had a stellar Week 3, winning all games and beating the second-place team 100Thieves.

It seems like they found their own identity: top laner Finn “Finn” Wiestål is finally given the tools to play a more damage-oriented playstyle and it paid off. Finn dealt almost 28% of the whole team’s damage during summer so far. That puts Eugene “Pobelter” Park on a utility-oriented role, with jungler Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen being the playmaker of the early game. This iteration of CLG is working well and we think that they found a style that suits all their players.

Immortals, on the other hand, have also defied expectations. Currently 7th in the standings, they have improved their consistency compared to spring. The team did show some potential in the last split, but there were some issues in coordinative play. Similar to CLG, they also found a good strategy for them: playing around their ADC Quin “Raes” Korebrits. You can clearly see that when you check Raes’ stats: a whopping 30.2% of the whole team’s damage.

Both teams are having a better performance compared to spring split and this can be an important head-to-head that will count when playoffs come around. For this match, we predict that CLG will win. If you want to make more cash on this game, we recommend you bet for the First Blood by CLG. We mentioned that Broxah will look to make early game impact and getting a kill in the first stages of the game becomes almost guaranteed. Go to GG.BET and you’ll be able to get a 1.88x return on your investment.

TeamSoloMid vs Team Liquid

Week 4 is packed with many important games. One of these is going to be the match between TSM and TL. Opposite to Spring, this time it is going to be a lot closer than people would expect.

TL is playing decently despite the roster changes in the top lane. They are still a top-4 team, in our opinion. The team shifted back to a more traditional playstyle, with the ADC being the main threat of the team. To balance that, TL tends to draft scaling champions that can absorb pressure and have high impact the longer the game lasts. Gangplank is a perfect example: 4 games were played by Thomas “Jenkins” Tran so far.

TSM is the exact opposite. The main threats of the team are the mid laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage and top laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon. These two are helped by the jungler Mingyi “Spica” Lu who will play strong early game champions in order to take control of the game. Their bot lane, instead, makes sure they don’t bleed out advantage by playing very safe options.

With the two teams having very different visions of the game, the early game will become extremely important. Whoever can force and impact the map more, will come out victorious.
In this series, we predict that TSM will win. They have a stronger top side of the map and with Barney “Alphari” Morris missing, TL won’t be able to match them during the early game.
Nonetheless, with TL playing in the bot side of the map, we expect TL to take the first dragon: You can get another 1.88x in return on your First Dragon prediction.

Cloud9 vs 100Thieves

The final and most crucial banger of LEC Week 4 is going to be the C9 vs 100T. A few days ago, everyone was pointing to 100T taking this match. However, C9 announced that Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen is going to be back to the starting roster. And it changes everything..

There will be many questions about how much practice did C9 do together with Zven as well as how the team environment is. One thing is certain, though: Zven will want to demonstrate that C9 made the wrong decision to bench him. For this reason, the bot lane will be highly contested. 100Thieves have already showed that they’re willing to play around their ADC Ian Victor “FBI” Huang. If both teams will draft very similarly, we might see very explosive action down there.

In that case, most of the responsibility will go to both the mid laner and jungler to help their win condition. When both teams want to go for skirmishes and fight for control over objectives, it becomes obvious that kills will be traded. Expect this game to be a bloodbath: we think that there will be more than 25-26 kills. Prediction this amount of kills earns you a hefty 1.99x return on your investment.

Regarding the results, this series is very hard to predict. Zven’s return made us reevaluate our predictions. Therefore, we think that Cloud9 is going to win. C9’s bot lane is better than its counterpart and that will make a difference in the latter stages of the game.

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