Nintendo Announce Super Mario Movie, Chris Pratt To Voice Mario

It looks like the long-awaited Super Mario movie is finally going to hit the big screens. Earlier in the week, Nintendo announced a direct for the first trailer and has also revealed a poster on all its social media handles.

There will be a presentation, as has been tradition with any big Nintendo announcement, but there’s still no word on if all we’ll get is a trailer.

All the familiar Super Mario aesthetics visible in the official poster

The poster is quite revelatory in its own right with Mario at the heart of it, who is looking upon a hill that is home to Princess Peach’s castle. The castle is circumvented by floating islands. Also of note is the place Mario is looking up from — there’s an antique shop in a town full of toads.

Mario’s face hasn’t been revealed yet but he’s wearing his iconic blue overall, red full-sleeve shirt and newsboy cap. There’s no doubt that he’ll still be his pudgy mustachioed self when his face design is revealed.


Image Credits | Nintendo

There are iconic video game franchises but few as recognizable throughout the world as Mario. Only a handful can compare themselves to Mario – one of Nintendo’s own, Pikachu from the Pokemon franchise, might be the only other video game character who is as recognizable as the Italian plumber.

Chris Pratt will be voicing Mario

Chris Pratt, known for his work in the Guardians of Galaxy and Jurassic Park franchise, will be voicing the video game icon. He’ll be joined by Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi, Jack Black as Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key as Toad, and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong.

Each of these Nintendo characters are iconic in their own right and the actors playing them are fairly household names.

Video game movies still haven’t got their big breakthrough

There seems to be a curse on video game adaptations, with most not doing well at the box office or getting any critical acclaim. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, which stars another Nintendo icon, didn’t do too badly a few years back and the Super Mario movie might have to take some inspiration from it. However, Super Mario will be an animated feature unlike Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, which was a live-action feature.

The Super Mario movie could perhaps take more from something like the Lego movies, which were both critical and commercial successes. The two share a child-like characteristic and the cast of Super Mario indicates that it’ll be a comedy. The likes of Pratt, Jack Black, Charlie Day, Keegan-Michael Key and Seth Rogen have been some of the most popular American comedians over the last decade or so. This approach could well work for Mario.

Aaron Hovarth and Michael Jelenic, the two directors at the helm, have got great experience in the animation industry and should be more than capable of handling the task.

The Super Mario games are some of the greatest in video game history. On some level, they meet a very basic video game need – easy to get into and hard to master. But the reason they’re so beloved to this day is because there is a warmth to the character and the world he inhabits.

If the cast and crew can bring that to the table, there’s no reason why this movie shouldn’t break the video game adaptations curse. It’d be fitting – in a way – for Mario to break this curse since modern-day video game history often starts with Super Mario Bros.