Can Onic, Omega continue triumphant run in Week 5? – MPL PH Season 9

This past weekend saw Week 4 of the Phillipines Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL PH). We witnessed some of the most action-packed, and must-see matches so far in the entire tournament, the very first Savage (five-kill streak) this season is now listed as well.

And guess what?

It’s courtesy of the player who also recorded the a Maniac (four-kill streak) last week. Let’s dive deeper into our featured MPL PH season 9 teams this week.

MPL PH Standings Week 4

We’ve just witness that gods can bleed

Onic slays the ‘Super Team’

Onic Philippines entered week 4 as somehow a mid-tier group based on their performance so far this season. But they have done something no one else accomplished yet in the tournament – beating and giving the first match loss of this season’s current number 1 and super team, ECHO Philippines, after their nail-biting three-game series. And this is really one for the books.

ECHO notched the win in Game 1 after their massive comeback thanks to their overall team effort. Though their individual prowess stood out this time – especially with Benedict “Bennyqt” Gonzales’ Phoveus that made one of the best plays this season to seal the deal. But Onic took the loss seriously and came back from the dead to score a reverse sweep highlighted by Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol’s Helcurt in game 3 with 7 kills, 4 deaths, and 8 assists.

Onic, however, lost their match against RSG Philippines, scoring a 1-1 match record this week. But the fact that they have dethroned the once unbeatable ECHO super team is such a big thing already.

Omega Esports listing Season 9’s first Savage

Last week, Omega Esports won both of their matches against Onic and Nexplay Evos. But they began week 4 with a loss against Bren Esports (their first win of the season), yet it was redemption at its finest in their second series of the week where they faced M3 world champions Blacklist International. And the best thing is, they scored this season’s very first Savage.

Yet it wasn’t an easy road for Omega to face the current world champion in all of MLBB. Blacklist won game 1 of the series which seemed to be a hefty cut to Omega possibly losing it on game 2. But the “heart of a champion” mantra encapsulated the overall vibe the MSC champions showed moving forward. They took game 2, and game 3 was clearly a definition of how dangerous this team could be.

Duane “Kelra” Pillas was magnificent last week after his Beatrix notched a Maniac. But that wasn’t enough and this week, another version of his Beatrix executed probably a potential play of the season candidate. His timely precision to fire the sniper’s onslaught to Salic “Hadji” Imam’s Pharsa to complete season 9’s first Savage was indeed savage. If you only watched it live, for sure, you’ll get off of your seats I swear.

Rest of the pack in Week 4

An interesting fact this week – no team won back-to-back games. ECHO lost to Onic and won via default on their second match after Nexplay Evos failed to show up in time for their match. Nexplay on the other hand outlasted TNC, while TNC pummeled Bren who defeated Omega. What a roller coaster of events, right?

Marky “Markyyyyy” Capacio of Onic bagged the MVP of the week honors after he recorded an average of 4.83 kills, 3.5 deaths, and 5.5 assists.

Will we see another batch of intense gameplays coming Week 5?

MPL PH Week 5 Hot Matches

Coming into Week 5, Onic may be looking at a 2-0 week as their opponents are Nexplay and Blacklist. Against Blacklist International, we expect a clean 2-0 sweep, but against Nexplay, I am more inclined to select a 1-1 tied series then a clean winner. However, if Onic PH pulls out a clear win in both of their series they are will closely challenge ECHO at the top.

Omega Esports has two challenging series against TNC and ECHO. If this roster ever wants to be taken seriously this season, they have to win at least one of the two. If I had to choose, I see them have bigger odds winnings versus ECHO than TNC. Onic already showed the formula on how to beat the kings, and after Echo had a defeat and a no-show match they are probably not as stable as they looked in weeks past.