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December 2, 2022

LPL Salary Cap | Implications and effects already felt in the offseason

Ever since 2014, Korea and China have been dominating the international League of Legends tournaments, monopolizing the top spots on most occasions. While it’s normal that well-performing players receive good…
December 1, 2022

Fortnite needs to stop jumping Chapters

Fortnite is about to end its fourth season of the third chapter. Chapter 3 Season 4 came and went in the blink of an eye- which is exactly what’s happened…
Opinion Esports
November 30, 2022

LCS doomed, LEC makes strides – Changes mark stark contrast for rival regions

The LCS and LEC are both expected to undergo changes heading into the 2023 season. The alterations rumored and confirmed thus far, show a worrying gulf in health and optimism…
November 28, 2022

Has Harbor flopped as a controller in the current Valorant meta?

Since the launch of the Indian origin character Harbor in Valorant, there has been quite a lot of discussion on the Agent. Firstly, due to the massive event that took…
Opinion Esports
November 25, 2022

VALORANT Is Bigger Than Ever, But Can It Beat CSGO Esports?

VALORANT launched as a direct competitor to CSGO in 2020, and by 2022, it had made terrific leaps forward in its mission to be the next best thing. From the…
LoL Esports
November 16, 2022

LEC 2023 Roster Moves & Rumors | Discussion w/ Nymaera

In order to help us better understand how LEC teams are shaping up, we sat down with color caster Alex ‘Nymaera’ Hapgood. Nymaera has been casting the NLC as well…
November 5, 2022

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode – Everything you need to know

With the launch of FIFA 23, there was an imminent hope that we would get to see a better World Cup Mode. Since 2014 the game has made sure to…
October 28, 2022

Did Activision kill the soul of Blizzard?

Disclaimer: This article purposefully steers clear of sexual-misconduct and other criminal allegations and charges. The piece is strictly about how Blizzard’s reputation as a game developer has been impacted by…
Opinion Esports
October 27, 2022

F1 22: Is it still ‘Esports Ready’? Are the developers hurting the scene?

The F1 Esports Pro Championship is well underway, having crossed the halfway point with Event 2 bringing maiden wins for both Thomas Ronhaar in Round 4, and Bari Boroumand in…
Opinion Esports
October 24, 2022

Need for Speed Unbound – Speed with soul and visuals to match

Need for Speed has been a franchise in freefall as far as the racing genre goes. With the modern era of titles being regarded as either scattershot or well-intentioned at…
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