Overwatch Lunar New Year 2022 – Skins, Cosmetics and Event Rewards

Like every year, the first event of the year in Overwatch is Lunar New Year which lasts from January 25th until February 15th, 2022. There are new skins, modes to be played, and other loot unlocked. If you have been following the community feedback on this event, you might have seen that not everyone is satisfied with the event’s content, which, to be fair, is somewhat understandable, and you will see why.

Overwatch Lunar New Year 2022

Who is getting the new skins, and what are the other new cosmetics?

What makes people love events in Overwatch are the cosmetics that come with it, especially if they are on a rotation like Lunar New Year, which you can purchase or unlock only while the event is up. This year, the number of new skins is lackluster, as there are only two new legendary skins. One of them is for Tracer and the other one for Mercy.

Of course, like every event, there are also epic skins that you will be able to unlock by simply playing the game. You will have to play a certain number of games, any mode works, and wins will count as two games. There are three skins you can unlock over three weeks:

  • Week 1 – January 25 – February 1, Prosperity Ashe epic skin for playing 27 games (Skullcap Player icon for 9 games, and Spring Couplets spray for 18 games)
  • Week 2 – February 1 – February 8, Auspicious Solder: 76 epic skin for playing 27 games (Auspicious Player icon for 9 games, and Practicing Forms spray for 18 games)
  • Week 3 – February 8 – February 15, Porcelain Wrecking Ball epic skin for playing 27 games (Tea Player icon for 9 games, and Porcelain spray for 18 games)

If you have to ask for our personal opinion, the Wrecking Ball seems to be the unique skin as it has fantastic details on it, and you should not miss out on unlocking this one. Of course, the previous Lunar New Year skins are also available for 1000 coins.

From other cosmetics, there are two new emotes and a single intro:

  • Fan Tricks emote for Widow Maker
  • Sky Lantern emote for Genji
  • Release intro for Zenyatta

Overwatch Lunar New Year Brawls

Three different brawls can spice up your hours spent on Overwatch during the event, not the most popular brawls, but still something different if you usually sink the time into competitive games.

  • Bounty Hunter – This is a unique mode where you score the first kill of the match, you become the target, while everyone else becomes the bounty hunter. Once someone kills the target, they become the bounty hunter, and the circle continues until someone manages to collect enough points to win the match by killing players in this fantastic brawl.
  • CaptureTheFlag – While some people love this mode, statistically, it is not the most popular one. Each team has a flag to defend, and the winner of this mode is the team who manages to steal the enemy flag three times and bring it to their own. Classic CTF, nothing special.
  • Capture The Flag Blitz – In this version of CTF, the flags are much closer to each other, and both teams now need six captures instead of the original three to win the game. Playing defensive in this mode does not pay off, so pick up those mobile characters and maneuver yourself to victory.

Time to get cracking in Overwatch once again.