Best Bets: the fights continue in Overwatch League Stage 2 Week 2

Last week, several teams came into the spotlight making sure their Stage One efforts were a thing of the past. Chengdu Hunters and Los Angeles Gladiators have been putting together win streaks on the back of a monster Week One for both squads. Lowly teams such as the Washington Justice, LA Valiant and the Florida Mayhem are still searching desperately for their first signs of life in this Season Two campaign. With this week’s action set to unfold, it’s time to take a look at the highest value games to keep an eye one during Week One, and which teams to stay away from for the rest of this stage.

Boston Uprising vs. Hangzhou Spark – Day 2

If this match took place last Stage, you would be hard pressed to bet against the power of Hangzhou Spark, but the Boston Uprising have proven they are a force to be reckoned with after last week’s games. The synergy across all nine players from Boston has given them a new lease on life within the league. At 6-3, their prospects for playoffs are high once again this Stage, but they cannot waiver against a hungry Hangzhou that is desperate for victory.

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Hangzhou Spark were murmured to be one of the scarier teams to emerge from the expansion rosters heading into Season Two. Since then, it seems like their wonky playstyle has been figured out by a majority of teams as they have seemingly lost their x-factor in recent weeks. Last week Hangzhou were swept 4-0 by the Vancouver Titans, but this showing should be much closer given Boston’s track record with early maps. This may be a 3-2 for either side, but expect Boston to keep the streak alive as they try to win their only game this week.

Chengdu Hunters vs. Shanghai Dragons – Day 3

Chengdu Hunters’ resurgence in the last couple weeks has been exhilarating to say the least, the Chinese lineup was expected to be a bottom feeder team similar, or worse, to that of the Washington Justice. Instead, Chengdu picked up two massive wins last week that have catapulted them into the limelight this week in another important match for the Chinese teams.

Shanghai have had a rollercoaster season thus far, but they have had glimpses of brilliance when it comes to pulling back advantages seemingly out of nowhere. Last week they faced two tough opponents in NYXL and LA Gladiators and still managed to keep their dignity in both sets. With this matchup, the action will fly at a much higher pace as both teams believe they are capable of winning it for their region. Shanghai is crafty in the clutch, but Chengdu’s momentum should take them over the edge in this match.

London Spitfire vs. Philadelphia Fusion – Day 3

Immediately after the Chengdu vs. Shanghai series, a repeat of last year’s finals will take place as London Spitfire square off against the Philadelphia Fusion. London Spitfire have been shaky this entire season, but they still know how to turn it on when they really don’t want to lose to their opponents, and this week may be a similar outcome if Philadelphia aren’t on their A game.


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Philadelphia Fusion got outclassed last week in their series against NYXL, but the way they steamed through Florida Mayhem showed they are still a few notches above when it comes to GOAT gameplay in comparison to London, who also played Florida last week. However, London Spitfire have been known to play up and down to their opponent, if they feel like their opponent is inferior, they mimic similar play styles to ‘seem’ just as bad. But make no mistake, they have the extra gear to win this match if Fusion aren’t on top of their game.

Dallas Fuel vs. Paris Eternal – Day 4

Another high profile match to finish out our week, Dallas Fuel vs. Paris Eternal is a crucial mid table feature that will determine the strength of both of these rosters moving forward. Paris Eternal came into this OWL with a lot of hype, but their inconsistency across the weeks has made it difficult to place them accurately on any Power Rankings list. Two wins this weekend against Dallas and Florida put them in pole position to make Top 12 if all goes well.

Dallas Fuel have also had a similar season thematically, as consistency remains their biggest issue. Dallas enjoyed a bye week last week as they didn’t play any games. If the rest was productive enough for them, we may see Dallas come out with an expert gameplan to put their European opposition in the dust. However close this matchup, Dallas Fuel should edge out the team fights ever so slightly on the back of their elusive tank line. Regardless, this game will be an absolute gem no matter which side of the Atlantic you’re on.

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