Overwatch League Week 4 Preview – Kickoff Clash Qualifiers Resolved

We are about to see the last week of the Kickoff Clash Qualifiers being played over in the Overwatch League. While there are certain teams who are locked in to participate in the Kickoff Clash Tournament, there are still a lot of teams who have an opportunity to grab a spot in the main event.

SF Shock 2022


In case you are not familiar, in order to qualify directly for the Kickoff Clash Tournament, the team is required to be in the top eight for the West region and top four for the East region. Of course, there is a chance for additional teams to participate in the Kickoff Clash Tournament by fighting their way through the Play-ins, which will qualify additional two teams from the West region, and one from the East region.

What are the standings right now?

The race is still on for plenty of teams, but there are those with no possible way of getting to qualify for the Kickoff Clash Tournament.

East West Standings Kickoff Clash

When it comes to hot matches this week, there are a lot of matches that can decide the positions of teams, especially in the East, where all matches will be exciting. However, the ones played on Sunday in the West are certainly the ones you want to tune in for, especially if certain teams pick up wins in the earlier Days of week 4. Here’s our top 3 must watch matches this weekend:

  • Florida Mayhem VS Washington Justice
  • Boston Uprising VS Dallas Fuel
  • Los Angeles Gladiators VS Atlanta Reign

Two special matches are up for those seeking underdog stories and upset factors. Vancouver Titans meets SF Shock on Friday in an inverse ranking match. The current bottom team in the OWL will try to finally net a win this season against the top opponent. Paris Eternal meets Houston Outlaws in a similar match that could have impact rankings if Eternal causes an upset at the “worst” time.

Overall, we are looking at a very hot week in terms of matches and most of them have some impact on the Kickoff Clash. I don’t expect much to change over in the western part of the league, but in the east we are all expecting a resurgence for Shanghai Dragons at the cost of either Spark or Hunters.