Blizzard set to unveil new content for Overwatch and other Blizzard titles at Gamescom 2018

Blizzard has announced new content to be released for a variety of games with August dates for their Gamescom 2018 schedule. The announcement was first made public through Blizzard via the Gamescom app as they have given fans the heads up on what to expect for Overwatch, World of Warfcraft, Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm.

Big things to come

At last years event, Blizzard pulled out all the stops for Overwatch content as they released an animated short titled Rise and Shine, a short film focused on the backstory of Mei. They later unveiled their new map Junkertown to the public that was available to be played at the event.


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Apart from the main Overwatch panel, Blizzard is hosting a Lucioball tournament featuring Overwatch players from the German Overwatch World Cup Team that will participate in various games with Gamescom attendees. These matches are set to take place Aug. 23 with daily matches being played until August 25. All matches are being played at 1pm GMT+2 with the Aug. 24 matches taking place at 4pm GMT+2.

Also on the 24th, the Overwatch German voice actors will take part in a panel to discuss their roles and perform on stage. At the convention center in Cologne, Germany, Overwatch fans from around the world can interact with the different booths offering different merchandise and interesting people to meet that are involved in the scene.

Overwatch fans can also visit the Blizzard booth located in hall seven, while the Blizzard store can be located in hall five. Blizzard has also updated their map for the event with the Gamescom app, which is free on the iOS and Android app stores.

To speculate on what may come from Blizzard in relation to Overwatch, there is a slight chance that Overwatch content may take a backseat given all the new content that was released in the latest World of Warcraft expansion.


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With the Overwatch World Cup still a few months away, and the Overwatch League expansion frenzy revving up to new levels, we may just have some more concrete announcements about what to expect in and out of the game from the development team. With news of Berlin receiving their own expansion slot for Season Two, a Gamescom event in Cologne may be a good chance to make that rumor a reality.

Overwatch on the Switch?

With the latest announcement of the Diablo III Eternal Collection making its way to Nintendo Switch in the fall, many fans were left wondering if there would be more Blizzard titles making the ‘Switch’ in the near future.


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Pete Stillwell, a Senior Producer at Blizzard Games, clarified that the options are still open for Overwatch to make the jump to Nintendo Switch, claiming the option was ‘within the realm of possibility’.

This may come as good news for Blizzard fans who use the Switch as their main source of console gaming, but Stillwell also made it known that those plans are not in motion as of yet. Stillwell also commented on the relationship between Blizzard and Nintendo being very healthy, and there could very well be more possibilities for titles to make the move in the coming years.

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