A battle for supremacy – Overwatch Contenders 2019: Atlantic Showdown

Next weekend, the Overwatch Contenders scene is doing a one of a kind tournament format that will bring OW Contenders champions from three different regions onto the same stage as they duke it out in a double elimination style tournament. The 2019 ‘Atlantic Showdown’ will feature a star studded cast of teams within the Contenders scene. The winners of North America East and West (Fusion University & Team Envy), Contenders South America (Lowkey Esports) and both Finalists from Contenders Europe (British Hurricane & Angry Titans) will be competing for supremacy in Krefeld, Germany. For the final spot of NA qualifying, ATL Academy secured their spot in a tiebreaker match and they will face Fusion University in a hotly contested opening round.


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Champions on the brink

Heading into the very first competition of Champions for the Overwatch Contenders scene, a lot will be riding on the line in terms of bragging rights and overall look for the community as Europe and North America have claims to fame in that regard. Last season, more than a few talents from Contenders: EU and North America made the jump to the Overwatch League this year, and this competition will be the perfect scouting grounds for any top player looking to make a name for themselves on this stage.

With the event being held in Germany, there will be an obvious push for European giants British Hurricane and Angry Titans to do well. But the North American heavyweights en route to competition must not be taken lightly. Fusion University and Team Envy have already plied their trade winning their respective regions for Contenders this Spring, and Fusion University have done so for four successive splits. Fusion University also boast the only Korean talent on display at this tournament, and watching the faceoff between European talents and their NA counterparts will surely be the highlight of this tournament when it’s all said and done.

Players like Spectr9l, LullSiSh, numlocked and eMIL have all gained a massive reputation for being the best in their region in Europe, and there is no doubt that both Angry Titans and British Hurricane have the necessary talent to compete with even the most lofty NA Contenders budgets. The beauty of Overwatch Contenders is watching the next generation of Overwatch pros go head-to-head with little disturbances of the ‘outside’ factors that can often pollute some of the best players mindsets on the OWL level, and this tournament is set to deliver on all fronts.

Upset potential?

While not much is known about Lowkey Esports, fitting in perfectly with their name, its hard to put down their pedigree on the Overwatch Contenders stage after they dispatched FURY in a hotly contested seven game series to win the South American title. At every step, Lowkey have felt the opposition’s best within their region and they know what it takes to come back from a loss in order to bite back with ferocity. The South American meta has also been more than peculiar to say the least, and South America’s approach to the game may be a crucial difference maker in an international tournament of this stature.

Even still, the onus for victory will rest squarely on British Hurricane and Angry Titans to bring one back for their region. With the double elimination platform, all these teams will get at least two chances to prove themselves on the international stage, and the biggest moments in Overwatch happen when stakes are at an all-time high. The battle for legitimacy, respect, and pride within each respective region will finally get underway next weekend in Krefeld. Only time will tell which team is worthy of being crowned OW Contenders: Atlantic Showdown Champions.