What to watch: Overwatch League’s first Homestand weekend S2W4

The Overwatch League will touch down in Texas for its inaugural Homestand weekend at the Allen Event Center in Allen, Texas this coming week. Now that the Overwatch League has made it to Fuel country, the Dallas Fuel will need to burn brighter than ever as they look to erase the memory of some disappointing losses suffered last week. Seoul Dynasty look to gain some more momentum as well as they face softer opposition in their matches. While Paris Eternal and Hangzhou Spark will also jostle for relevancy as they face some difficult mid-table teams that will surely test their strengths. This week we will countdown the must-see matches that will surely make OWL’s first Homestand weekend a memorable one.


© Robert Paul | Blizzard Entertainment

Paris Eternal vs. London Spitfire – Day 1

In the opening match of the week, London Spitfire look to continue their unbeaten run this stage against a streaky Paris Eternal. London Spitfire have seemingly turned a corner after the opening stage, and they have now put themselves in prime position for Stage Playoffs with another two wins if all goes well in Allen, Texas.

Paris Eternal, on the other hand, have much ground to make up if their slim chances at success this stage have any chance to bear fruit. Paris have shown they are well above the bottomlevel teams in this league, but with London’s recent surge, they will need something extra to truly give them a chance at glory, and set their momentum at an all-time high as they end out this week.

Chengdu Hunters vs. Hangzhou Spark – Day 1

The Chengdu Hunters have slowly but surely crafted a singular lane within the Overwatch League that is unlike any other team thus far. Time and time again, Chengdu’s willingness to switch off meta and stick to their strengths rather than adapt to everyone else has been the saving grace for their team.

Hangzhou Spark have looked supremely strong at points this season, but the terror for this team comes in the form of consistency. Hangzhou have rarely put together performances of brilliance that sets them apart from the pack. While the Hangzhou Spark still search for a concrete identity, the Hunters have already identified those breaking points and that simple difference will more than likely give Chengdu a secured win to open their account for the week.

Houston Outlaws vs. Dallas Fuel – Day 2

In the send off match for Homestand week, Dallas Fuel will host their regional rivals in the Houston Outlaws in what will surely be a fight for supremacy on home soil. While Dallas Fuel have looked rocky in recent weeks, Houston Outlaws haven’t been all that consistent either with their roster so far this season. This issue could spell trouble for their chances if they don’t correctly pick the right squad on Sunday.

For what it’s worth, Houston Outlaws have a few staples to rely on if the going gets rough, but Dallas Fuel’s team cohesion in recent weeks could prove fatal for the Outlaws if they aren’t prepared for the threat. OGE remains a beacon of stability for this Dallas Fuel team and he will more than likely be a catalyst for victory to round out the stage for Dallas Fuel. A 2-0 weekend for Dallas would be ideal to secure playoff aspirations this stage.