Done Deal: Fissure gets his wish with Seoul Dynasty move, but will it backfire?

This move marks yet another change of environment for the high-profile Korean main tank. After a combustible playoff series with the LA Gladiators, it was clear that something had to give in order for both Fissure and the Los Angeles Gladiators to part ways amicably. With this latest move to Seoul, Fissure finally gets his wish to play with another all-Korean roster as he joins Fleta and ryujehong on a roster that was in desperate need of a Main Tank with Fissure’s capabilities in order to succeed.

fissure Overwatch league

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Although his skill is undeniable, Fissure’s attitude is the real wildcard factor for a Seoul team that kept their issues under wraps quite well this past season. Will Fissure’s move mark a new honeymoon phase for the Dynasty and their fans? Or will the growing pains from LA Gladiators follow him to his new home?

Filling the void

On paper, there is no doubt this is the biggest roster move Seoul Dynasty have made so far, and easily the most important move to take place since the start of the offseason for all Overwatch League teams. After a dismal Season One performance from most of the Dynasty squad, there were small signs of life for this roster, but the main issues that needed to be addressed were on main tank and coaching tactics.

Even with an impressive, albeit still underwhelming, Stage One playoffs berth, Seoul Dynasty failed to gather that killer instinct that made Fleta and Munchkin so powerful as a duo. Miro’s ability on most of his signature heroes like Winston and Reinhardt were quickly losing their flair as the skill of all other main tanks within the league grew rapidly.

Jin-hyuk_Miro_Gong Overwatch

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To add to the dwindling players performances, the coaching staff of Seoul Dynasty also hit monumental lows as they resorted to putting Ryujehong on tanks midway through the season in order to patch up holes on the roster, which only caused more problems.

Yes, bringing in Fissure to the lineup will clear up a lot of the issues that Seoul Dynasty had on the tank front, but if Seoul Dynasty start losing like they did last season, don’t expect Fissure to be so cordial. Fissure is easily the second best, if not best, player in his position and his impact on the LA Gladiators cannot be understated. Without him on the LAG roster, there is a large doubt that the Gladiators even make playoffs with their team, and ironically he was also the reason they crashed out of contention so early.

Seoul Dynasty

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When playing with an extremely passionate player like Fissure on your roster, it’s important not to let his vision for the team deviate from the teams vision overall. Luckily, there are still big time players that will command respect on this roster in order to keep things in check. With communication no longer being an issue for this all-Korean roster, the ability for Fissure to once again flourish as a top Tank in the league seems possible.

What’s next for the Gladiators?

With all the hype of this news taking place for Seoul Dynasty, there is still an obvious role to be filled on the side of LA Gladiators without their star tank player on the roster. This time around, LA Gladiators will need to take their time and figure out the best overall fit for their roster given the many diverse talents and needs this team has. The knowledge they were able to take with Fissure on their roster was huge towards their long-term growth as an organization, and finding the perfect player to fill that role once again will be crucial for LA to compete with their city rivals.

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Looking forward, if the Los Angeles Gladiators could make a move for a big name North American or European main tank such as Muma or Taimou, the possibilities of success are still there, but moves will need to be made as soon as possible with all the big money expansion teams getting ready to compete for talent in the coming months.