Florida Mayhem trade for Xepher, sign HaGoPeun from Academy

After committing to a roster exodus last week, Florida Mayhem begin the rebuilding process as news leaked of them signing three new players to their team. The additions include former Seoul Dynasty Flex Tank Koo ‘Xepher’ Jae-mo who looks to slot in as a dependable D.Va and Zarya option. Mayhem Academy standouts Damon ‘Apply’ Conti and Jo ‘HaGoPeun’ Hyeon-woo have also been added to the roster as they look to build around their already potent DPS threat.

Building from within

Florida Mayhem have a whole new roster outlook to go along with their Miami Mayhem rebrand this coming season of the Overwatch League. After having a plethora of negative headlines come out from former players and staff as to the pitiful conditions of training facilities and team transportation, Mayhem needed an injection of positivity to get fans hyped about the new season.


© Florida Mayhem

With that in mind, Florida are off the races as they are looking to size up a formidable roster before the Free Agency window. The triple signing of Xepher, Apply and HaGoPeun are great steps towards their strengths. With Sayaplayer in the mix, it’s pertinent to get the most versatile healers and tanks that can not only provide space and give Sayaplayer a lane to flourish, but also pull back and play with their team.

Playing second fiddle to Sayaplayer, Apply will have healthy competition for a starting spot as he looks to rival TviQ for the secondary DPS position. Mayhem management have stayed true to their statement of not fielding an all-Korean roster next year, and Apply is one of those highly mechanical homegrown North American talents that could make a name for himself with the right string of performances.


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Since HaGoPeun was booted off the London Spitfire in the middle of the season, he’s done well to impress in the Overwatch Contenders scene as he immediately showed he was a cut above the rest in the secondary league. Even on a less than stellar roster, HaGoPeun showed his resolve on a variety of heroes and his call up to the Overwatch League once again is no surprise. To build off this move, HaGoPeun will look to be a willful participant in making Florida Mayhem a force to be reckoned with.

Not done yet

With Free Agency still a month away for already established Overwatch League teams, the acquistion of Xepher from the Seoul Dynasty is a power move for Florida Mayhem as they’re loading up the deck before players look to sign. Even though Xepher didn’t get the most play time on the Dynasty roster, it wasn’t an indictment on his playstyle given the dominance of zunba in that role.

On the Florida Mayhem roster, Xepher has the chance to shine with vigor now that he has less competition for a starting role. This move also raises the stock of FL Mayhem just a bit before Free Agency, and they will need all the added allure they can get given the slimness of their roster.


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At this stage, Florida Mayhem remain with a six man roster but there is little chance that will remain the same by the start of Season Two in order to avoid the mistakes of last year. The only thing that will change their negative run of bad PR these last few weeks is results, and winning games early will be a big step in the right direction with their new look roster.