Guangzhou and Chengdu reveal new branding for Overwatch League

Following a few weeks of speculation, the branding and logos for two new Chinese Overwatch League teams have been revealed as the Chengdu Hunters and Guangzhou Charge have now been officially introduced to the league. The branding was confirmed via the Overwatch League website. This announcement marks a monumental win for China as a region as they look to establish a solid fanbase in the league after their World Cup heroics.

The Chengdu Hunters will sport a yellow and black color scheme for their team, while the Guangzhou Charge will utilize blue and teal as their primary colors.

Guangzhou Charge: Battle for supremacy

With Shanghai Dragons revamping for the 2019 season, and all other Chinese teams vying for a chance to steal the spotlight, the second season of the Overwatch League will surely be competitive given the rosters thus far. While Guangzhou haven’t fully announced a roster yet, the acquisition of HOTBA from the Philadelphia Fusion was a great first step.


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Guangzhou Charge have a major financial advantage coming into the season. Owned and operated by the Chinese entertainment conglomerate Nenking Group, Guangzhou are looking to bank roll this team into success as financial strain will likely not be a factor in acquiring good talent for them this season.

The CEO of the team Sonny Xiao has been adamant for the move, citing Guangzhou’s sprawling fanbase as a major reason why he believes Guangzhou will lead their way to victory. The name ‘Charge’ for the team is symbolic of the direction he and China want to take Overwatch and eSports as a whole. As the scene starts to develop and more sponsors find their way into the league, Xiao and his team look to be on the forefront of those monumental changes.

Chengdu Hunters: Together we hunt

The Chengdu Hunters quite possibly have the most hype of any Overwatch League team announcement ever after their Panda mascot was revealed. Chengdu have yet to announce a roster, or even any player for that matter, but regardless of who they field the hype will not die down just because Chengdu were late to the party.


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Chengdu chose the Panda as their mascot due to the animal’s symbolic relationship with China and more specifically Chengdu as a region. The Panda is said to be a signal of peace and good luck for the team going forward, and that kind of attitude is pertinent to success given the level of competition in the Overwatch League.

Team ownership has been confirmed to be in consulting talks with several high power eSports entities in the field as Chengdu have partnered with HUYA, a major streaming platform in China, and the Chinese eSports club Royal Never Give Up as they look to maximize their team operations heading into the 2019 season.