Halloween Terror 2018: New skins featured on live patch along with Torbjorn rework

A new patch has recently dropped on the live servers of Overwatch with a huge rework being implemented to one of the more infamous heroes in the game, Torbjorn. The Swedish engineer has seen a plethora of changes made to his kit as the Developers have abandoned the armor giving ability and scrap metal passive of the character in favour of more interactive forms of damage with his rivet gun.

Time for Terror

Apart from the rework and other slight buffs and nerfs, the Halloween Terror 2018 event has been patched into the new update with players now able to buy spooky featured skins that will get them in the spirit for the upcoming season.


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This patch also marks the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge, and the addition of Junkenstein’s Revenge: Endless Night, which is a longer version of the classic gamemode that is catered to players looking for a difficult challenge. This year they have added Brigitte, Tracer and Torbjorn to the list of playable characters.

For the event, heroes such as Pharah, Wrecking Ball, McCree, Doomfist and Moira have all received limited edition skins to celebrate the new patch unveil. Bride Sombra and Slasher: 76 have also been included into the mix as Blizzard maximized their creativity to bring to life some rather ridiculous renditions of their most beloved heroes.


© Blizzard Entertainment

The Halloween Terror event is available across all platforms, and there is an added bonus being given out to players who purchase the 50 loot box bundle that comes with 10 free loot boxes at no additional charge. This bundle can be used for those players not willing to grind out those extra games in order to collect all the new skins Overwatch has to offer for the event.

Torbjorn gets the hammer

Torbjorn has always had a difficult relationship with the meta of Overwatch since its release. Even though he can be a nuisance in typical ranked games, his competitive prowess has had relatively little impact on the scene and the Blizzard Development team took that message loud and clear heading into this rework.

For being such a stalwart threat on defence, the playmaking ability for Torbjorn has been relatively one note with his previous iteration, but with the new changes implemented the possibilities for team compositions and ult combinations are completely renewed. For starters, the autonomy with his turret now makes Torbjorn a slightly more mobile character as he doesn’t have to nurse his turret up to another rank.


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Now, the turret levels up after three seconds of placement and Torbjorn can move around freely after the fact. This change is a positive one because it promotes outplay ability and gives Torbjorn the freedom to not be locked to certain ‘sweet spots’ that are ideal for his turrets. Adding to the changes, Torbjorn has a new ability, Overload.

This ability replaces his replenishable armor pack and is now a temporary 150 hit point shield that lasts for five seconds while giving him a slight movement speed and reload speed steroid for that duration. Not only that, this steroid also gives bonus attack damage during the duration making this one ability a three-pronged buff that can single handedly turn a one vs one fight in your favour.


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Finally, Torbjorn’s infamous ultimate Molten Core is getting a much-needed reboot. Torbjorn now has the ability to shoot an alternative fire from his claw arm. The arm shoots out molten lava globules that create damage pools wherever they land for 10 seconds. The ultimate itself lasts for six seconds, and his ultimate ability has extra damage for heroes that have armor, making him a direct counter to heroes such as Bastion, Brigitte, D.Va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Torbjörn, Winston and Wrecking Ball.