Overwatch World Cup Power Rankings: can Team USA catch Korea?

With all of the Overwatch World Cup rosters announced, the stage has been set for another tournament filled with drama and national pride. For the past two years, Korea has gone on rampages in both editions of the Overwatch World Cup that has seen them lift gold on both occasions. Can Canada, Team USA or Finland catch up to the reigning champions? Or will it be a continuation of the same as Korea look for the three peat?

5. United States

After another year of growth for a slew of the starters featured in this United States roster, the prospects for success will be much higher for Muma and his team as they pursue Overwatch World Cup greatness later this year.

United States Esports roster

The rigorous tryout process for the United States has been a blessing in disguise as they have finalized a roster with technical prowess across all roles while still maintaining that mental edge of composure and focus that could possibly will their way into a title run. While the possibility of lifting the cup may be out of reach at this point, there is no doubting the strength of this highly contested United States roster as they look to defy the odds and once again give their nation something to be proud of.

4. Canada

After a cinderella run in last year’s World Cup, Team Canada is once again on the radar as a team to beat in their group as they look to make their dominance known for another consecutive year. The good runs of form their team had leading to the World Cup last year will be much less prevalent this time around given the drama surrounding some of their players.

Canada Esports Roster

When it comes to players like xQc and Surefour, the level of ego and difference of opinion when the game gets away from them may be a significant hurdle to overcome this time around. Given xQc’s lack of consistent exposure to high level Overwatch last year due to his off stage antics, it’ll be much harder to gauge the competition for a Canada team that is one year older and slightly less impressive than their counterparts.

3. Sweden

If the focus of the game for the Overwatch World Cup was simply strength in numbers, Sweden may have a higher chance at the title than any other team given the depth of veteran players and overall camaraderie amongst players.

Sweden Overwatch Esports Roster

Sweden enjoyed a top four finish last year in their World Cup exploits but the onus will be on them once again this year given the easier group they have been placed in. With a cornucopia of high level starters and subs at their disposal this year, look for Sweden to run rampant in the group stage of this year’s Overwatch World Cup and take that renewed confidence to new heights as they enter the knockout rounds in the following games.

2. Finland

Without a doubt the biggest dark horse to emerge since last year, Finland are poised for greatness this coming World Cup with the sheer amount of experience and technical ability on their roster. After an underwhelming exit from the Overwatch World Cup in the year prior, Finland will be looking to put their demons behind them and finally realize their full potential as they now have the chance to exact revenge on the team who beat them last year, Japan.

Finland Overwatch Esports Roster

With household names like Taimou, Fragi, Shaz and BigGoose at their disposal, there is no doubting the tank line and healer output for Finland will be at a high level. But time will tell whether or not Finland can overcome the barriers of last year and make good on their chances.

1. South Korea

There’s very little left to be said for the all star two-time champions of the Overwatch World Cup before competition time. South Korea remains the only roster to not hold tryouts for their squad before their roster announcement, as their players were picked by an eSports commission beforehand.

South Korea Overwatch Roster

With the sheer amount of names and talent on their roster, there is no denying South Korea from qualifying out of the group stage with flying colors as they remain focused on being the best region to play Overwatch internationally and domestically for three consecutive years. If you’re looking for a favorite in this next OW World Cup, look no further than the South Korean juggernauts comprised of Overwatch League elites.

Honorable mentions


After a promising 4th place finish in last year’s World Cup, the prospects for France are high given the growth amongst players in this line up. Staples like Poko and NiCO will be integral to victory for a French squad that is quite stacked in terms of healers and DPS threats, but the real question mark for this team stems from their tank line.

France Overwatch Esports Roster

For many French faithfuls, Main Tank ‘winz’ continues to be an unwelcome wildcard factor in a France lineup that is solid otherwise. At this stage, France has the core components to look competitive for this Overwatch World Cup but the burden of their performances will fall squarely on this tank lineup that are seemingly overmatched by virtually every other big team at this level.


Considering the easy schedule for their group, Thailand is another national team on the rise given their consistent synergy with players like Mickie, Patiphan and Pannys all raising their profile in their specific regions. Look for Thailand to upset the status quo for their group and rise up against the heavyweight rosters for their region this year with a much more composed roster.