OWL contract negotiation window opens | Where will the biggest stars go?

Overwatch League teams are now free to open contract discussions with their current rosters in order to renew deals and/or trade assets starting August 1. Current teams have a one month window to iron out their deals before Free Agency begins in September, where they will be competing with expansion teams in order to land the most sought after talent on the market. With teams like Philadelphia Fusion and NYXL in pole position to make moves to bolster their squads, where will the biggest OWL stars end up at the start of Season Two?

Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty find themselves in a peculiar situation as the former APEX champions sat on the sidelines during the inaugural playoffs. While certain staples to their team were consistent for the most part, the Dynasty will be looking to improve their main tank roles and flex DPS to give Fleta some much deserved help.

ryujehong Overwatch Player

Based on their current squad needs, Seoul Dynasty could look to gamble on their current contracts with Munchkin and Wekeed in order to land a high profile Korean DPS en route to Season Two. With the Dallas Fuel and EFFECT not seeing eye to eye on roster personnel for the majority of last season, and Dallas Fuel finding success without their talisman in Stage 4, there is a high chance Dallas and Seoul work on a blockbuster trade that can give both teams flexibility in the roles that need help.

When it comes to the main tank role, Seoul Dynasty could also look to snag OGE from Dallas Fuel in order to iron out their tanks for the next season. While Miro and KuKi did enjoy success early on with Lunatic Hai, their form in the OWL has dipped considerably and some much needed new blood may be the trick to get Seoul Dynasty back to their winning ways.

Philadelphia Fusion

Philadelphia Fusion continue to be the biggest anomaly in the Overwatch League after their insane run of form during the playoffs. Finishing out the regular season in 5th place was not enough to deter their confidence as they were able to overpower the NYXL in a show of teamwork and cohesiveness never seen before from their roster.

The DPS core of Carpe and Eqo will more than likely remain intact, but Philadelphia could use some much needed upgrades in the main tank department as Fragi and Sado failed to live up to the hype against the most elite matchups during the finals. To smooth out those areas of confusion for Philly, picking up an out of sorts talent like Fissure from the LA Gladiators would work wonders for their team.

The biggest factor in winning the title for London Spitfire during the Finals was the tank and DPS synergy between Profit, Gesture and Fury. If Philadelphia Fusion are able to trade for a top of the line tank in Fissure or Fate from the LA Valiant, the prospects for their success next season may just put them over the top given their already proven assets based on Season One.

Dallas Fuel

The Dallas Fuel enjoyed a mini rebirth at the end of Season One that saw them place 4th during the stage playoffs, but the road to relevance starts again for the Fuel in what will surely be a tumultuous resigning period for the team. After a good run of form, it may be easy to forget the drama and growing pains this roster went through during the season, but the players who were most affected by these alterations are surely thinking otherwise.

Pongphop Overwatch Player

When it comes to unusable assets for Dallas, EFFECT and xQc are the biggest question marks for the team as they are most likely not in the plans for Head Coach Aero next season. Regardless of their playing time, contracts for EFFECT and xQc will still go for a valuable price given the weight behind their names. If xQc and EFFECT can regain even a fraction of their prime playmaking from before they could still be an integral part to virtually any non Korean roster in the Overwatch League.

If the Dallas Fuel play their cards right, they will do their best to offload the deadweight players on the roster in order to make way for new energy on their team. Going for quality roleplayers like iddqd, Danteh or Snillo may just give them the flexibility they need on DPS to win teamfights on a regular basis given the core of players they already have.

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