Around the OWL: Dafran confirmed for Atlanta OWL team, Rascal signs with SF Shock

The rumor mill continues churning in the Overwatch League as several sources have indicated that Dafran is looking past the Contenders scene and is instead signing with the newly expanded Atlanta Overwatch League franchise.

With Atlanta still holding back on their official announcement as a team, which are said to be revealed during the Overwatch World Cup, Dafran and his fan base will have to wait on the news but all signs point to a deal being set and done. On the west coast, San Francisco Shock continues to stack their DPS lineup as they add former Dallas Fuel and KongDoo Panthera player Kim ‘Rascal’ Dong-jun.

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Delayed announcements

It’s been a whirlwind week for Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca and his fanbase as his name continues to be thrown around in Overwatch League talks, specifically for Atlanta OWL. Sources on Twitter have been claiming his arrival to Atlanta is all but confirmed, but Atlanta continues to remain mute on the subject given their status as a new team.


In all fairness, the Atlanta OWL organization don’t even have a brand or jersey or even a full name to advertise themselves with. Understandably the process of revealing such information will take some time, but that reportedly hasn’t stopped Atlanta from making eye-popping roster moves to add some heavy interest.

For quite some time now, Dafran has been one of the most sought-after streamers that fans want to see compete on the grand stage given the way he regularly dispenses OWL opponents in his high-level solo queue games.

On a different stage, where more is at stake and everyone is in top form, will Dafran still keep that air of invincibility? Those questions have yet to be answered but it seems like Season Two will bring a change to all that inquisition.


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For now, future fans of the Atlanta OWL organization will have to remain calm as they get set to release their roster, brand, apparel and team philosophy as a newly minted franchise within the league.

Rascal returns to the League

After spending most of Season One at odds with whatever team he’s signed on with, Rascal may have just found a permanent home with San Francisco as they traded Danteh to the Houston Outlaws last week.

With this addition, San Francisco Shock now sits at four DPS players on their roster bringing their total number of players to ten. From the outside looking in, it seems that San Francisco may be vying for a Korean DPS core on certain maps and an American DPS core on others with Architect and Rascal pairing up on projectile picks.


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With this addition, and the earlier acquisition of Myeong-hwan ‘smurf’ Yoo to the team, the Healing and Tank cores of the San Francisco Shock have massively improved and their shot at success next season will be vastly improved under Head Coach Park ‘Crusty’ Da-hee.

Season One for San Francisco Shock wasn’t a bad one, but much was left on the table as they were just barely left out of the playoffs at the end of the year. With these new buffs to their roster, the prospect of playoff aspirations is definitely a possibility if San Francisco continues to grow and gel as a team.

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