Overwatch League Homestand recap: Atlanta and Guangzhou go 2-0

Another stage, another Homestand weekend for the Overwatch League and this weekend’s action highlighted just how important it is to have quality fans behind you when it matters most. Atlanta Reign finished the weekend with a much needed two wins as their stage record for Stage Three finished at 2-5 with a -3 map differential. Meanwhile, Shanghai Dragons made the most of their weekend abroad as well as they were able to clinch a spot in Stage Three playoffs with their wins this weekend.


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Homestand drama

Atlanta Reign have struggled this Stage, but the energy taking place at the Cobb Energy Centre was just too much to deny as the hometown squad were able to decide some games in their favor against seemingly more impressive opposition.

Once again, Erster and BabyBay were able to come together and put on a clinic offensively when it came to their series against Toronto Defiant. Although the Defiant have also been streaky, the way Atlanta seemingly brute force their way into victory on the backs of their aggressive engages could be the tide turner for their playoff hopes in Stage Four.

The role lock will also be an interesting factor to monitor in Stage Four for a variety of teams, but this change could affect Atlanta Reign positively given the ability on both of their standout DPS players thus far.

Clinching the last spot

Of all the teams to make their most out of the trip to Atlanta, Shanghai Dragons undoubtedly walked away as the winners of the weekend after securing the final spot for Stage Playoffs. Even with their loss to Guangzhou Charge, the Dragons built a formidable record in weeks prior to ease their way into 8th place for this stage. Making their second Stage playoff appearance a reality next weekend.

The Shanghai Dragons remain one of the more consistent teams in the league with multiple impact players on their lineup. While they haven’t gotten the respect for their play throughout the league, there is no denying their ability as a cogent unit, and the results have started to pick up with their synergy in recent weeks.

Even still, the debate of ‘best Chinese team in the Overwatch League’ is still up for debate with some pundits believing Hangzhou Spark have the credentials to claim that spot and with good reason. This next Stage Playoffs will say a lot about the middle of the pack teams as they prepare to initiate a new meta in Stage Four. It will be interesting to see which teams thrive in the new meta compared to others that were solely reliant on a GOATS meta that has now come and gone.

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