Around the OWL: KyKy NOT signing with Vancouver, Dafran looks for Contenders team

Contrary to previous reports, Twitter sleuths and other sources within the Vancouver OWL organization have confirmed that current Houston Outlaws Assistant Coach Kyle ‘KyKy’ Souder will not be taking over at the GM position next season. At this point, KyKy remains with the Houston Outlaws but the inability to get the rumored agreement in writing has led to Vancouver choosing to go elsewhere with their options.

In the OW Contenders scene, several sources have reported that former Selfless Gaming standout Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca is looking for options within the league, specifically with Academy teams. After previously being out of the scene due to commitment issues and previous run-ins with Blizzard, Dafran is looking to turn the page and give his pro gaming career another go.

Broken promises

After a seemingly confirmed promotion to GM via news sources willing to jump the gun, it seemed like the Overwatch League experiment would continue anew for KyKy considering the disastrous run of form he endured with the Dallas Fuel.


© Dallas Fuel

Even though he has a lifeline in the league with Houston, picking KyKy up at Assistant rather than Head Coach kept his profile out of the spotlight and away from public scrutiny, which helped his public image somewhat as the aftermath of the Dallas Fuel situation settled.

At that point, the success of Dallas in Stage Four stuck out like a sore thumb as Houston Outlaws continued to underperform with KyKy on their staff.

Obviously, the results of the team don’t fall squarely on his shoulders considering the array of roster issues that Houston had, but his stint with Houston so far has proven his input to a team isn’t enough to turn the ship around.


© Dallas Fuel

That track record may have been his undoing to take over as the General Manager of Vancouver’s Overwatch League Team. As an expansion squad, going with proven success with players and/or personnel that can succeed is the primary objective, and at this point it seems like KyKy just isn’t that option.

Going for glory

After months and months of constant pestering from his fan base, it seems that Dafran has had a change of heart towards his pro career and will look to make his dreams a reality once more.

Dafran has always been one of the more naturally gifted European Overwatch players, but his constant attitude issues and run-ins with Blizzard staff and team personnel have kept him from being a regular figure within the scene professionally.

Regardless of controversy, Dafran remains integral to the Overwatch scene as he keeps up his fan base with quality plays while he streams under the NRG esports banner.


© NRG Esports

With the new rumblings of him possibly looking for a new Overwatch Contenders team to play for this coming season. The news comes at no better time now that Rascal has been promoted to the San Francisco Shock roster.

From a logical standpoint, NRG esports would be the ideal team to play for considering Dafran’s connection with the organization, but the prospect of landing a high caliber player like Dafran would be enticing to more than one team and it makes sense for the streamer to field all his options.

Whether or not this rumor bares fruit is still up for question, but there’s no denying the appetite to watch Dafran compete at a high level once again for a team that can use his skills.