Around the OWL: Logix and Mangachu look for new teams, Chengdu sign new Main Tank player

After a sudden change of heart from New York’s Academy team, two of the most known DPS players in the Contenders scene are now looking for new team opportunities in 2019. New York’s XL2 cut ties with four players this week in an effort to pursue ‘local’ talent. Due to this new pursuit, Andreas “Logix” Berghmans, Liam “Mangachu” Campbell, James “Cloneman16” D’Arcangelo and Anthony “Goliath” Pietro are teamless for the time being.

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Newly expanded Chengdu Hunters made a recent signing this week. The organization have put pen to paper for Chinese Main Tank Wei “jiqiren” Yansong. The Reinhardt main joins Chengdu by way of Team CC from the Overwatch Contenders: China scene.

Without a paddle

Hasty decision making from XL2 management have left four quality players without a home just a few weeks into the new year. After being displaced on Florida Mayhem last year, Logix found a home in XL2 where he expanded his hero pool and developed a new play style in the process.

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The growth he’s shown as a player in such a short time has been admirable, and his future prospects should be brighter in his next run at Free Agency. For players like Mangachu, Goliath and Cloneman16, the options should be just as varied.

Mangachu has possibly been the brightest North American prospect from the players let go this week. During this current GOATS meta, he’s established himself as a formidable Flex player and the variance in his gameplay could make him an asset for lesser achieving Academy teams.

Ideally, fans of Mangachu would like to see him plying his trade in the Overwatch League. The ability to be a two-way player would be highly favored if the opportunity presented itself in the future.

Likewise, Goliath and Cloneman16 should be hot commodities for any Contenders team looking to upgrade their healers or tank line. Goliath remained the heartbeat of XL2 with his triumphant play on Ana and Zenyatta this past season, and his run of form should not end with an untimely departure.

Cloneman16 saw less time on XL2 compared to his colleagues, but playing behind Korean stalwarts like Jang-heong “TiZi” Hwang and Seung-hyun “WooHyaL” Seong naturally cut into his playing time. Even still, the potential for Cloneman16 shouldn’t be underestimated and he will likely get another shot on another Contenders roster with the right negotiations.

Chengdu pick up talent

Chengdu Hunters are in the news for making another singing to their thin Tank line. Former Miraculous Youngster and Team CC Main Tank jiqiren will be a useful pickup in his role, but there’s no expectations for him to be a ‘game changing’ signing for their team as of yet.

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jiqiren enjoyed high finishes as a part of a few different rosters in China. Although his teams finished admirably, the results were not often decided on his plays as China’s playstyle overall has been heavily dictated by their star DPS players working with tanks. In comparison to the best tanks in China, jiqiren is still a few steps behind.

Contemporaries in the Chinese scene like LateYoung and Guxue have consistently eclipsed their opponents, but the gap between their performances as a team will depend on a lot more factors. At the moment, its too early to call just how potent Chengdu will be against more experienced teams.

While the potential is high, expectations for the first few stages should be relatively low as this roster looks to build chemistry over the course of the season. If Chengdu can hit their stride, a top 12 finish would be outstanding for this team, but there is still work to be done before the Hunters can legitimately become a force.