OWL Recap: Boston Uprising one game away from perfect 10-0 Stage run

With Stage Three coming to a close, Boston Uprising find themselves one match away from being the first Overwatch League team to finish a stage with a perfect record. Uprising face both LA teams this week en route to Stage Playoffs.

On the other side of the Bay Area, San Francisco Shock continue to turn heads with their play as they secured wins over Houston and Florida this week.

Another Boston dynasty?

It’s been a whirlwind of a Stage for Boston Uprising since the roster shaking news regarding DreamKazper took one of their key assets away. Instead of shrinking from the spotlight, Boston Uprising have shown strength in numbers as Striker and Neko have come into their own and surpassed all expectations with their synergy so far.

In a league full of excellent Tracer mains, Striker’s ability on the hero has risen to new levels as he’s dominated all his competitors since his move into a starting role, and his entire team elevated with him. Boston Uprising’s President of Gaming Chris ‘HuK’ Loranger has become a Danny Ainge like figure within the team as his hand crafted team of unknown role players has molded into one of the strongest rosters in the Overwatch League.


While the Stage Three maps may be turning the odds in their favor for close series, the overall ability of players like Striker, Mistakes and NotE has given them a stronger cast to rely on with the changes they’ve made so far.

The eben flow of team performance in the OWL has not dipped for Boston this Stage with consistency being one of their best attributes as a unit. With Stage Playoffs set to take place this weekend, there is a high chance that Boston come away with a first place finish given their perfect record thus far.

San Francisco not backing down

If it seemed like the playoff positions were all wrapped up coming into this week, SF Shock have made sure to prove skeptics wrong with their surging form as of late. Even though they couldn’t do much against NYXL and London last week, Shock turned the tables on Houston in a heated five game series to force the hand of LA Gladiators en route to their final game of the Stage against Boston.

While the map differential leans towards the Gladiators, SF Shock’s emergence from all the turbulence and roster shuffles they’ve faced this season has been refreshing to watch as other ‘established’ teams like Dallas and Shanghai continue to tumble.

Danteh’s prowess on flex DPS has taken SF Shock from a one-threat team to a swiss army knife of problems for any opposition that doesn’t have a high level Junkrat. As San Francisco continue to mesh with the additions of Architect, Moth and ChoiHyoBin, the potential for success with these core DPS threats give San Francisco a significant leg to stand on.