OWL Season Two preview: Vancouver Titans

The Vancouver Titans are quite possibly the hardest team to quantify from a competitive level heading into their first season of the Overwatch League. The former RunAway Dynasty has traded in their pink and blue garb for new threads as a part of Vancouver this year, but the quest for dominance remains the same as ever.

As the season draws closer, it’s time to preview Vancouver Titans’ chances for success as nine brand new players try to test their metal against the best of the best in the Overwatch League.

Sky high expectations

Of all the teams entering the Overwatch League as an expansion roster in 2019, there’s a case to be made for Vancouver Titans being the best of this group. For one, the Titans have accumulated over two years of playing with the same group as players like Hyo-jong “Haksal” Kim and Sang-beom “Bumper” Park have developed their games exponentially during this time.


© Vancouver Titans

As a group, their synergy has never been questioned as this group of players remain tight-knit and constantly focused on victory. From the former owner of the org all the way down to the technical support, the team atmosphere for RunAway/ Vancouver has always been a point of praise and continuing that elite team culture will be crucial to success at this stage.

Regardless of their skill at the Contenders level in Korea, there’s no guarantee Vancouver Titans come into the league dominating like NYXL last year. For one, there’s at least four teams confident of making another run for the title and Vancouver will receive a not-so warm welcome when they encounter these teams for the first time.

On top of that, Vancouver will likely suffer from a change in scenery and culture for the first few weeks given their tight schedule for practice and play. As of two days ago, Vancouver Titans were reportedly still practicing in Korea with the competitive season two weeks away. While jet lag and some of those travel issues can be mitigated before competing, being at the very top of your game in a new surrounding will be difficult for Vancouver from the start.

Stage One Predictions

Stage One of the Overwatch League will be a big first test for Vancouver Titans as they face formidable competition all the way through. For starters, the Titans will square off against the former ‘worst team in the league’ last season, the Shanghai Dragons.

This first matchup will be pivotal to determine where exactly Vancouver will rank at the end of Stage One. If they can manage to quell the threat of Shanghai and San Francisco Shock with ease, Vancouver could very well go 6-0 to start their Overwatch League campaign.

More than likely, Vancouver will suffer some hiccups on the way to future stages and could end up with a 4-2 record if they are not completely on the ball in the first few weeks. Regardless, there’s no expansion team in the league right now that can hold a candle to their credentials as a roster. Look for Vancouver to take off mightily in Season Two, competing for at least a  playoff spot before the season is all said and done.