Overwatch League Top 5: Ranking the most impactful players in the Overwatch League playoffs

To be considered an elite team in the Overwatch League, you must have elite players to tow the line. The inaugural playoff series for OWL has given us hellacious comebacks and big moments since the quarterfinals due to players reaching their collective peaks and breaking norms on what it means to perform in their roles. With the stakes at an all-time high before the Grand Finals, we count down the most fearsome players in the Overwatch League on their road to playoff glory.

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5. Libero – New York Excelsior

When it comes to consistent DPS threats on the NYXL, it’s hard to pass up on the consistent and flexible skills Libero has to offer on a nightly basis. While his colleagues in Pine and SBB are praised highly for their moments of brilliance, Libero plays a much more controlled game as his dips in form remained minimal throughout the course of the season.

Libero - New York Excelsior

In their playoff series against Philadelphia, Libero seemed overmatched by the collective threat Carpe and Eqo were putting on New York, but Libero’s hero pool kept things tricky for Philadelphia as he worked with Pine to take the last match to five games, even though they were unsuccessful with the result.

4. Carpe – Philadelphia Fusion

What more can be said about the ice cold sniper of Philadelphia Fusion? When it comes to Widowmaker plays in the Overwatch League, it’s hard to seem impressive when Carpe sets the bar so high. Not only can Carpe duel anyone in the League with his impressive mechanics, but his ability to stay alive and evacuate difficult scenarios has kept him at the top of all metrics stat wise with his survivalist Widowmaker plays.

Carpe - Philadelphia Fusion

With Tracer not in the meta like she used to be, Carpe has had the tools to shine in different ways and the ability to mold his playstyle towards the meta has been uncanny to watch as he marches forward to the Grand Finals this weekend. Look for him to go toe to toe with Profit and Birdring and possibly pull off another monumental upset on the biggest stage of them all.

3. Gesture – London Spitfire

Tanking well in the Overwatch League is an attribute that can be overlooked with all the flashy snipes and Genji blades taking place elsewhere on the map. But the ability to rule your team with an iron fist and deny the enemy team valuable space and positioning is something that Gesture does better than anyone else. To be a complete team, you must have strengths in all areas and Gesture continues to be the source of stability for a London team that has been rocky to say the least.


Heading into the Grand Finals, look for Gesture to make his mark once again as he fights to take Sado and Hotba out of their comfort zone. With another commanding victory this weekend, Gesture can assure his place as the most dominant Tank in Overwatch League history as he works with his team to attain the ultimate goal.

2. JJoNak – New York Excelsior

Even though JJoNak’s team isn’t in the Grand Finals, there’s no denying the pervasive influence JJoNak has had in changing the definition of his role and single handedly making Zenyatta the biggest priority when facing the New York Excelsior.

JJoNak - New York Excelsior

Going forward, New York Excelsior will more than likely keep their core together as they look to regroup and rally for Season Two, and there’s no doubt that JJoNak will be at the top of their priorities. The Season One MVP was crowned with good reason, and even though his team can’t raise the Overwatch League trophy, his personal victory has been enough to make him the OWL’s hottest commodity as far as healers go.

1. Profit – London Spitfire

If there was ever a time to rally behind a player looking to win it all, London fans can rejoice in the monumental playmaking ability of Profit as he has willed his team to the Grand Finals against all obstacles. Few players in their role can play absolutely every hero, but Profit is one of those anomalies as he continues to impress and dispel the debate over who is the most complete DPS in the Overwatch League.


Even though he isn’t technically English, Profit and the London Spitfire have every intention to ‘bring it home’ this weekend as he looks to put a stamp on his astronomical year for London Spitfire thus far, remaining the most consistent and risk averse player on the roster. Cool, calculated and composed, Profit continues to lead the charge for his team as his mercurial approach to dealing damage has taken his team from a group of overrated players past their prime into a team groomed for success as they sit on the outside looking in for a hopeful championship run. If there’s any player you watch consistently through the Overwatch League playoffs, you can’t go wrong with the slick plays and never say die attitude of Profit the prophet.

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