OWL Transfers: Dallas Fuel acquire Aero

Stage Five of the Overwatch League has seen some changes in coaching staff for San Francisco Shock, Houston Outlaws and the Dallas Fuel. San Francisco Shock have acquired Crusty as Head Coach (formerly of Boston Uprising) and NineK, (formerly of NRG) as his assistant.

As Dallas Fuel picks up Fusion University Coach Aero, the former Dallas Head Coach KyKy changes the blue and white for green and black as the Houston Outlaws made their signing official just last week.

San Francisco taking initiative

While coaching transfers in the Overwatch League are generally less glamorous than blockbuster player deals, San Francisco Shock have made some well thought out changes to their coaching staff as Crusty and NineK join their ranks from the academy team.

SF Shock

The two Korean coaches don’t have prior work experience together, but their time spent getting to know this squad will come in handy as San Francisco look to jostle for a playoff spot in the final stage. Before these changes, SF Shock were considered a team with a nice amount of young stars at their disposal with a distinct lack of direction, and these changes answer a lot of previous problems they were having without complicating the starting line up.

Houston and Dallas announce signings

After a few heated sagas of drama between players and upper management at Dallas Fuel, it was only a matter of time before serious changes were made to the coaching staff. Naturally, Head Coach KyKy became a culpable figure as he was kicked off the team halfway through Stage Four.

Houston Coach Kyky

What’s one city’s waste becomes another city’s stimulus package as Houston Outlaws agreed to sign KyKy onto their coaching staff in a bid to make playoffs this stage. Another team lacking fundamental structure, Outlaws have lacked creativity in attack and diversity in play all season and KyKy will be looking to aide in their push to stay afloat.

On the other side of the isle, Dallas Fuel have announced the signing of Aero as their Head Coach after his quick release from Fusion University. Aero’s time working for Philadelphia’s second team was not a secret for any top OWL team. Fusion University’s reputation as one of the better Contenders teams have made Aero an enticing candidate for a Head Coach role, and he finally got his chance to shine.

Dallas Fuel welcome Aero

Even with the helpful show of trust from the Dallas Fuel organization, it is too little too late for Aero to come in and have a major lasting impact on a team badly beaten and manipulated through roster suspensions and player dismissals. The goal for Stage Five will be to build a solid culture of trust and compatibility between players that was not present in Dallas before.

As some teams look for a final push in the weeks leading up to Stage Five, other teams like Dallas Fuel and Shanghai will need to already start planning for next year as the vision of what OWL will look like for Season Two gets clearer and clearer. The goal now for a dogmatic coach like Aero will be to get his team on the same page and make sure they are at least building on a core group of synergy before the year is up in an effort to compete at a high level again next year.