Players in the Overwatch league to earn a minimum 50k a year!

Blizzard is stepping up to their side of the bargain by announcing that professional players participating in the Overwatch League will be receiving a minimum of $50k a year, along with other great benefits.

This is a huge step towards the direction as player rights / salaries has been a key issues across not only Overwatch, but the big 3 games for the past few years.

Over the past year, players from League, Dota 2 and CS:GO have complained about poor conditions in the past, where essentially mistreatment from teams and overall low pay does not match the time and effort they put in.

From this, competitive League of Legends players have decided to form a play association to resolve these issues, and to keep team owners in check. Obviously, this put less control in the hands of Riot, a power they and Blizzard DO NOT want to give up.

Why announce it now?


Reason 1 – As mentioned before, it is extremely unlikely Blizzard wishes for players to band together and drive the competitive scene by and for themselves. To avoid doing so, Blizzard has taken swift action to prevent players from getting the same idea and forming a similar Overwatch player association.

Reason 2 – This time was strategically chosen by Blizzard, as it compliments Reason 1 fairly well, while not getting in the way of team owners wishing to invest in the Overwatch League. There is no doubt that the announcement is a deterrent for teams to invest in the Overwatch League, as they will not only be required to pay around $10 million USD as entry to the League, but the rising cost to maintain and sign players is not too attractive for them. As most teams already locked their contract for the Overwatch League, Blizzard has no reason now to withhold the new conditions, so here it is.

Reason 3 – To encourage prospective players to try out for the competitive scene. This minimum of $50k a year is a fairly stable salary, and ensures skilled players who are on the fence to go pro or not choose to enter the League.

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The establishment of the minimum $50,000 a year salary is definitely a fair policy. Teams that are able to afford a spot in the Overwatch League have huge pockets, and there’s nothing wrong with sharing some of the money around. Especially if it’s towards those competing at the highest level of play in the game.

Requirements set by Blizzard:

Minimum of a 1 year player contract
$50,000 yearly salary
Insurance + retirement savings plan

Profit sharing – 50% of team performance bonuses directly to players

The yearly contract gives players a huge sense of stability, and ensures teams won’t recklessly swap them out due to impulse. By placing the minimum salary, it guarantees that players have a decent wage and won’t be offered bones in comparison to the time they put in. Insurance and retirement savings plan is great as it not only reduces costs for players, but that they are able to live off some of their money in the future.